The Church Is Sick: In Need of the Healer

There once was a time (not too long ago), when the church (those professing Jesus Christ as Lord) was set apart, and set apart noticeably. There was a time when the world saw us as…DIFFERENT, and when they felt something may have been morally wrong, they’d come to the church to help lead them to deliverance and right-doing. But, within the past couple of years, the church has become a well blended mix in the throng!

In the church houses, salvation is no longer being preached; deliverance is foreign (except when it comes to financial freedom); sexual immorality has been compromised and warm-welcomed on EVERY level; they’ve ignorantly taken in pagan gods and occultic symbolisms because it’s “pretty” or “the new trend” (in this case, ignorance ISN’T bliss). Too many no longer spend private time with the Lord, nor read the Bible for themselves, but rather solely rely on watered down sermons from today’s pulpits in order to keep members. The hearts of God’s children no longer breaks for what breaks His.

Church leaders now preach that Christians and Muslims serve the same God, but like my pastor once said, “All you have to do is ask a non-believer, ‘Is Jesus God’? And if they CADC-Same-God-WP-Medium-160308answer ‘No’, then it’s clear and evident…we DON’T serve the same God’ — because JESUS IS LORD! (Romans 10:9).

Church, turn your hearts back to the ONLY God who loves you unconditionally and Who sincerely wants you (Rom. 8:31-39). All of this current deception Jesus FOREWARNED us about in scripture (read the four Gospels and Revelation). Jesus warned us that even the elect will be deceived. This is the ULTIMATELY WORST TIME to dibble and dabble! Win souls, be disciples, STAY READY! Jesus is imminently coming for His Bride at an hour we know not. ARE YOU READY, CHURCH?


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