About Me

Jennifer Bagnaschi is a passionate author who has a deep heart for the Lord and people. She believes that if everyone on earth knew the true, limitless benefits that comes with being a child of God, (through Him) we’d all be kicking some “devil’s butt” left and right! Not only that, but that it would become natural and normal to see what’s truly in the supernatural, unseen realm, as God is opening the eyes of millions today. 

Bagnaschi started this blog in hopes and prayers that what Holy Spirit reveals to her could be revealed to others, as well. What good is it to keep the goodness of God to ourselves?

She is the author of the book I Saw God Last Night, occasionally teaches Bible studies and has previously ministered through liturgical dance around the United States since the age of eight years old and has had the privilege of teaching school children the power of worship through dance.

Bagnaschi lives in the Colorado Springs area with her wonderful husband, Ed, and her two, fun-loving children.