Deep Believer Shorts Submission

The Deep Believer Show is now offering an additional format for sharing your testimony!  Since we’re often flooded with inquiries to “Be On the Show”, you’ve now got a better chance of that happening!  It’s called Deep Believer Shorts.  Although you won’t be interviewed by Jennifer in Deep Believer Shorts, you will have the opportunity and platform to share your supernatural testimony for 10 minutes with the world!  This way you will have an even easier change of spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ.  Submit your inquiry today and if we find your testimony to be a good fit for the show’s message, we’ll be in contact with you shortly.


  1. Maximum 10 minutes of recorded video 
  2. Great lighting
  3. Good volume
  4. Clear audio
  5. No background noise
  6. Must Be fully clothed
  7. No foul language
  8. Testimony must bring glory back to God

***Submission may be declined if requirements are not met.***

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