A universal thanksgiving

Have You Ever Heard of A Universal Thanksgiving?

A universal thanksgiving

Each November, the United States comes together to give thanks for our many blessings in life. But there should be a Universal Thanksgiving we all should have gratitude for.

I’m not going to make this extra long because not everything needs to be super wordy. Wordiness works great for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but that’s not my concern this Thanksgiving. What I’d take joy in this year and the years to come is a Universal Thanksgiving.

For years, I’ve had the opportunity to research, meet, as well as interview a healthy handful of people who’ve physically experienced death. Some went to heaven, and others to hell. I learned immensely from every testimony. For the ones who went to heaven and returned, I learned that there is still work to be done on earth…and each and every one of us has a hand in it. Those who saw hell helped me to cherish life on earth as we all have a God-given purpose. Both of which have caused me to pine for a Universal Thanksgiving.

What exactly is a Universal Thanksgiving? It’s global gratitude for something everyone on this planet can relate to: being physically alive on earth’s soil with a divine objective. That’s what you call a Universal Thanksgiving.

Regardless of continental divides, each and every one of us has that to be Thankful for. Whether you feel like you’re at your worst in life, as long as you’re on earth’s soil, the Lord God has an amazing plan and purpose for your life…or you wouldn’t be here. The same goes for those who feel quite splendid right now, that pleasure is a gift from God as you’re to share your joy with others.

There is a quote by the prolific Danish author Hans Christian Anderson that perfectly asserts:

“The whole world is a series of miracles, but we’re so used to them we call them ordinary things.”

Hans Christian Anderson

No matter who you are or where you live, we all have these things in common, regardless of the portion. I pray that every last being made in the image of the Most High God will adopt a Universal Thanksgiving. Because as long as you’re alive on earth’s soil, you are destined for greatness in Jesus Christ if you accept the opportunity.

6 thoughts on “Have You Ever Heard of A Universal Thanksgiving?

  1. Gratitude is not only something the Scriptures insist we have, but practicing it helps remap the brain and, therefore, bring emotional and physical health benefits. Thank you for your wonderful article, Jennifer. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Of course, always being careful to measure personal experience by the Word. 😉
    2 Peter 1:18-19
    Have a blessed Thanxgiving Day!
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

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