Satan's Plan For Our Future Can Be Foiled

Satan’s Plan For Our Future Can Be Foiled

With all of the prophecies of destruction going around, is satan's plan inevitable? Is there anything we can do to change the hands of time?

We didn't know the hotel was haunted

We Didn’t Know the Hotel Was Haunted

While visiting a famous hotel, we had no idea it was haunted until we were inside. This taught our children the reality of spiritual warfare. MY CHILDREN LEARNED ABOUT SPIRITUAL WARFARE: This weekend, my children have seen for themselves the battle of the spiritual realm: Over the weekend, my family and I took a day…

knowing and believing are two different things

Knowing and Believing Are Two Different Things

Are people taking you seriously based on your walk with God? There's a difference between knowing and believing. Growing up the daughter of two ministers, I've seen a fair share of the "ins-and-outs", personalities and walks of those in ministry within the church. Watching them have made me come to the conclusion that: knowing and…