James L. Walker, Jr. Esq.

During my life, I have read hundreds of books and tons of inspirational stories and testimonies in print. But, never have I read a book so inspirational and touching as the writings of Jenny Bagnaschi. The stories in this book, the illustrations and the witness of Christ are all so profound, yet so simple and understandable. The writer takes you on a journey from childhood to adulthood; the witness of Christ at home, at church, at a friend’s house or even getting her car up a snowy hill. Through the tool of oral storytelling and countless examples, she walks you through in a voice that is clearly guided by the Holy Spirit. Her undying belief in her faith, coupled with her testimony, serves to only inspire you more as you read chapter by chapter. This book is a must for the Christian believer. The title symbolizes the journey she will take the reader on and the growth she has personally witnessed in sharing her story. Jennifer’s faith is not merited because she says so; her faith is merited because she truly believes in the Word of God and the name of Jesus. She truly holds on to the tenets that many believers claim, but sometimes struggle with living daily and stepping out on their faith and beliefs.