Rev. Moses L.Harvill

In June of 2000, a young High School student joined the church where I am the pastor. I didn’t know anything about her at that time. She helped to develop and started the Dance Ministry. When Jennifer (Jones) Bagnaschi danced, she brought you into the presence of God, and the power of God was evident in her every move. It has been my privilege of watching her grow and mature into a wonderful young lady. I had the privilege to perform her wedding ceremony a few days after she graduated from High School. I could sense something extraordinary, and yes, different, about Jennifer. I am not totally surprised that she would write a book on how from childhood she’s had supernatural experiences. It is amazing to journey with her from childhood until the present sharing the many God encounters and its impact on her life and others. The scriptures have been strategically designed and integrated throughout this work to keep you focused on God’s power. The book provides a theological understanding of how God still speaks and interacts with humankind through visions and dreams.  In these days of such apathy and unbelief, this work provides authentic stories that God is still showing us great and mighty things. This book encourages me to reflect on my own life-changing supernatural encounter with God. It was in a revival meeting that I was brought to my knees at the altar. My head bowed but it was as if I was looking up and this whirlwind of light was shining upon me. I stood to my feet and declared, “Lord if it is Your desire, I will preach your gospel.” The Spirit moved upon me and I was moving uncontrollably in front of the altar…then suddenly found me back on my knees. Since that experience, I have been preaching the gospel and pastoring a church for 20 years.