The House Guide

Imagine there was a kind, loving man who owned a vast portion of land. And on this massive piece of land, he built a house, all by himself, with his bare hands.  The house he built was the largest, most beautiful, exquisite house that had ever been built!  Imagine the house he built was constructed from the most rarest stones, metals and woods–so rare that there were none other like it on Earth.  It was the ULTIMATE oasis!

Then, one day, word got out about the man’s extraordinary house and people flocked from all over the world trying to find his masterpiece, but to no avail.  When he heard of the news, he was so elated that, not only did he want them to see his house, but he gave the generous invitation to anyone who desired to LIVE THERE as well!  

So, the kind man sent his son out to travel the world, telling everyone he found to follow him to his father’s house (since everyone seemed to be looking for it).  Many followed him in excitement and expectation, while on the other hand, a broad majority told him, “No thanks. Someone else is already showing me the way.  But thanks, anyway.”  Scratching his head, the man’s son told them, “But I’m the ONLY way to get there. Even though it’s a very narrow path to get to the location, I’m the only one who can lead you to my father’s house.  Any other way is simply IMPOSSIBLE!”  Others smirked, “Rumor has it, someone else built that house, and it’s not even your dad’s.”  Stunned, his son assured them that, to every original are countless counterfeits, adding that he was even present when it was built. Someone else mentioned, “Why do YOU have to be the only way to get there?  Why does it have to be YOUR father’s house?” So his son replied, “Because, I’m the ONLY one who knows the way and MY father is the only one who built it! It is what it is. You can’t change the TRUTH.”  Last, but not least, there were others who thought the house was just a fairy tale and didn’t exist, so they just passed by the loving man’s son, ignoring him, as he tried desperately to get their attention.

Now, imagine the Son in this story is Jesus.

                                                                                                              -Jennifer Bagnaschi

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