Jesus Is the Only God Who Thought You Were Worth Dying For

Jesus is the only God Who thought you were worth dying for

Out of all of the gods the world possesses, Jesus is the only God Who thought you were worth dying for.

Jesus is the only God Who thought you were worth dying for

If you were to tally up an approximate number of gods worshipped in the world, it would exceed 700 million! Yet, out of that massive number, only One stands alone. If you’re guessing Jesus Christ, then you’re absolutely correct. Jesus is the only God Who did what no god dared, considered, nor was capable to do.

Jesus Is the Only God Whose Death & Resurrection Was Foretold

Since the fall of the first Adam, Jesus set out in His heart to become the Last Adam—the last and final Sacrificial Lamb. He can be found in every book of the Old Testament, yes, all 39!

When you discover them all, you’ll come to the realization that every reference points to Jesus Christ becoming the world’s Healer, Redeemer, Sacrificial Lamb, and Savior.

Jesus is the only God Whose death and resurrection was foretold 4,000 years prior to it’s occurring.

Jesus Was Selfless


There are some characteristics that come with being the only perfect person to have ever walked the earth, and that’s selflessness. Except for eating to keep Himself alive and clothing Himself for coverage, everything Jesus did was for everyone else. When Jesus left His throne on high, He brought the Kingdom of Heaven down to earth.

The Kingdom of Heaven is about serving one another, and that He did. Jesus never became annoyed or frustrated with the multitudes following His every move. Nowadays, you’d call them “groupies”. Whatever the need of the people, Jesus made sure they were met—whether it was hunger, healing, or resurrection, He took care of them all.

Jesus is the only God Who lived His life completely selfless…all to serve others. That was unheard of for a King—it’s always the other way around.

Jesus Didn’t Care About Fame Or Fortune

Being Creator of the universe (John 1:1-3), as well as Heaven, Jesus already knew all of the majesty and honor He possessed in His Holy Kingdom, therefore, He didn’t need to seek out fortune and fame on earth. Earthly riches pales compared to what awaits God’s children in Heaven.

Jesus never needed to, nor did He, go around telling people that He was God. His actions spoke for themselves. The works He did were so great that others couldn’t resist but proclaim His deity. They were right. God’s Word says to let others praise you and not yourself. Since scripture is the inspired Word of God, He must honor His own Word.

Jesus is the only God Who didn’t need to announce His divinity.

Jesus Took the Death Penalty For Those Who Loved and Hated Him

When I meditate on God’s love for us, I can’t help but realize that Jesus is the ONLY God Who thought you and I were worth dying for and actually did it! That’s love. No one else who proclaimed to be a god did anything like that. They were purely human, which made them fallible and incapable of loving who some may call the unlovable, but Jesus did!

Can you fathom the fact that Jesus Christ, God in the flesh, became sin, itself, so you and I would never have to face an eternal death? If you were to think of the worst people to ever had lived, Jesus took on their very sin as well as their death penalty. He did the same for you and me. None of us deserve Heaven, but Jesus wanted us that badly!

But, the Christian faith would be just like any other religion if it were not for the miraculous resurrection of Jesus Christ three days after His death. The day Jesus rose from the dead was the day He became our Redeemer! I believe the best service Jesus Christ did for us was serving our death sentence.

Jesus Christ is the only God Who defeated death, hell, as well as the grave!

Jesus is the only TRUE God. Period.

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