2020 Has Been A Year of Disinformation

2020 Has Been A Year of Disinformation

If you feel like you aren’t getting any absolute truths this year, you’re not alone. Disinformation may be the problem child.

There’s misinformation, and then there’s disinformation. Misinformation is just flat-out wrong or misleading information, without the intent of misguidance. Disinformation is intentional, misleading information, which is more sinister.

When March of this year came around, and the government began shutting down the world (basically), I developed a new motto:

“Read the Bible.

Watch the Matrix.

Look around!”

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Everything just seemed so surreal. When I considered it, I realized the only time the entire world had ever shut down was during The Great Flood (Gen. 7)! It felt as if End Time prophecy was just leaping off the pages of the Bible. Consistent current events also show us to be likened to the Days of Noah (Matt. 24:37).

But, through the years, I’ve realized that sometimes if we just shut our mouths for a period of time to watch and listen, we’ll discover what’s really taking place.

After doing a bit of research, I learned that disinformation was massively used by intelligence agencies during World War II. Their goal was to spread a controlled amount of deliberately false information, in order to control the people. They were successful, as masses began to change the way they thought, lived, raised their children…everything! And their avenue of doing so was by using the media. Sounds familiar?

I’ve said this in previous articles because I believe it to be true, that the Western church has lost the fear of God. And the Bible clearly states that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. But because many do not, nor ever possessed the fear of God, wisdom is absent. When wisdom is absent, it’s impossible to fully see or understand what’s going on all around us.

Jesus will give us the answers we ask for. He will open our eyes to the truth of any matter. But we must ask, wait, then listen.

I Saw God Last Night

Disinformation will ruin lives if we give ear to it. It has the capability of defacing an entire nation! Here are a few suggestions to get your spirit back in gear:

Cut It Out

Turn off the mainstream media, take a break from social media and spend time alone with God.

I remember hearing a story about the famous Smith Wigglesworth. In it, Lester Sumrall had arrived at his doorstep. When Wigglesworth opened the door, he saw Sumrall had a newspaper under his arm and made him throw it away! He expressed how he doesn’t allow garbage like that in his home, ie. propaganda, disinformation, ungodliness.

Keep A Tight Ship

Quality over quantity means a world of difference, especially when it pertains to your surroundings. Keep a tight ship! If you surround yourself with those who are parroting everything the mainstream media is saying, keep your distance! You are to be set apart from the world, it’s called being “sanctified”. It’s a word I’m sure every Christian has heard. All you need is 1 to 3 close friends and you’re set for life. And make sure they’re of good quality.

Give God Your Attention

Yes, I know that I already mentioned this above, but it needs to be emphasized—spend time alone with God. I can promise you if you do, you will receive a whole new outlook and aspect of where we are in the world and where the Lord wants us to be. Even more so, you’ll learn the truth! Truth that seems so foreign.

I’d also like to add, when we spend time with Jesus, it’s not a chore, it’s a genuine act of love and communication. Praying is talking to the Lord. That simple. It’s considered Holy because it’s directed to God. So when we ask ourselves, “Have I prayed today?”, our real question should be, “Have I been praying today?” That’s relationship.

In closing, you are God’s finest creation, made in His image (Gen. 1:26), the workmanship of His hands (Eph. 2:10). Don’t allow yourself to succumb to the giving away of your mind, will, and emotion. Would you willingly give away your soul? Because the disinformation of the mainstream media seems to be aimed for exactly that—your soul! This year has been a challenge, to say the least, but the Lord has you in the palm of His hand if you choose not to climb off. He shelter’s His children. Give Jesus your mind, and Him alone.

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  1. In the 60’s in college we had a magazine called “Current History”. The news sources we have from any point of view always have items that alarm us and are contradictory to one another. I wonder how much of any of it will become “History”. And even then “history” varies from one historian to another. One narrative that’s most disturbing to me is saying our forefathers and our Constitution does not have a Christian base.

  2. This is a great and insightful post! I have been thinking the same things since this pandemic, plandemic or shamdemic (whatever people want to call it) started. It’s all very strange and you are spot on about the lack of fear of God in the western church. I truly believe the days are coming when that will change because people will need to choose Gods way or the worlds. Thank you for sharing! God bless

  3. Great read! Love how you organized and pulled the pieces together.
    The Awakening is happening! People finally pulling their blinders off to see the Truth.
    Great time to be alive! History in the making! God will grace those on the right side of it!
    Happy Thanksgiving! And God bless!!

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