There’s One Thing An Atheist Has No Control Over

There’s One Thing An Atheist Has No Control Over

While I was driving my car, God gave me a revelation about one thing an atheist has no control over.

There’s One Thing An Atheist Has No Control Over

A few weeks ago, as I was driving down the highway, I was enthralled by the beauty of the sky. It had just gotten done raining, and the aftermath of Colorado’s heavens was just jaw-dropping! I noticed that something unusual happened: a powerful playlist of worship songs that I hadn’t heard in years played—each one favoring the one prior. As the music filled my car, God told me something that an atheist has no control over.

I believe that deep worship opens up the heavens revealing and manifesting the glory of God. During these times is when I often hear the Lord speak.

Therefore, as the music played, the Lord said to me, “Did you know that the human body knows Who I am? Did you know that even the body of an atheist knows who I am, even if their mind does not?” Take notice that He didn’t say, “Even if the brain does not”. This is because the brain is a part of the body; therefore, the brain also knows God.

This blew me away! This was nothing I even thought about, yet, the Lord thought it fitting to give me a piece of “a matter of fact.”

After that revelation, my mind couldn’t help but go to one of my favorite scriptures in the Bible pertaining to the arrest of Jesus in the garden:

Jesus therefore, knowing all things that should come upon Him, went forth, and said unto them, Whom seek ye? They answered Him, Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus saith unto them, “I am He”. And Judas also, which betrayed Him, stood with them. As soon then as He had said unto them, I am He, they went backward, and fell to the ground.

John 18:4-6

All Jesus had to do was speak! Their body could not withstand His glory. “I am He” from the mouth of God tends to weaken the knees of the ones He created. The band of men appointed by the Pharisees to arrest Jesus did not know Him, but their bodies, in fact, did!

How about the time when Jesus called Lazarus out of the tomb? We’re talking about the real Superman here! Jesus didn’t even go into the tomb, nor touch Lazarus to resurrect his smelling corpse. He literally stood outside of the tomb and ordered, “Lazarus, come out!” And he did!

What adds icing to the cake, is the fact that when Lazarus came hopping out of the tomb, he was bound with grave clothes, which more than likely made him look like a mummy. Then, Jesus spoke to his clothes, commanding, “Unbind him, and let him go!” And it did. Even clothes obey Him (John 11:38-44).

Grasp this one: When Jesus was sleeping on the ship when a great storm formed on the sea, his disciples were petrified. They woke Him and basically complained about Jesus not doing anything about it. So Jesus walked to the edge of the boat and spoke to the winds and the water, ordering them, “Peace. Be still!” And it was so (Mark 4:39)!

Well, the water obeyed Him. Are humans not made up of 60% water? Do you get where I’m going here? More than half of our physical body is made up of water, and if water obeys Him, our body has no other choice too, as well. This is something not even an atheist has control over.

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All of creation was made to worship Him. Jesus even said that if the people were to cease worshipping Him, the rocks would cry out in praise (Luke 19:40).

One day, possibly soon, every knee will bow and tongues confess that Jesus Christ is Lord and there will be no other alternative. Creation is subject to their/its Creator, and the body must surrender. And, this is something not even an atheist has control over.

Whether one believes in the One True God or not—their body does! We become powerless before the All-Powerful.

13 thoughts on “There’s One Thing An Atheist Has No Control Over

    1. Thx again Jennifer. This revelation you had
      Is mind boggling
      I’m sooo happy God is so smart. Every molecule in His control
      It appears He allowed only only one thing to choose not to know and worship Him.
      The souls made in His image.
      Bodies. Brains. Animals. Water. Rocks. Plants. Everything knows Him
      All power. Glory. Honor. & Majesty to Him alone
      In Christ always

  1. Isn’t it the truth? And it is the knowledge of the truth that makes us free! Let every atheist everywhere know that whom the Son sets free is free indeed!

  2. Dear Jennifer, I’ve read your book, and noted many of your post as I did this one about the Atheist; and I find your insights from God to be as open doors for a few of us to enter into the Father’s many other levels of possibilities: only a select gifting can be chosen to reveal such next level truths to the measured mind.
    Thank you for whatever the sacrifice required to be chosen for this door opening work. James Flowers

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