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All Christians Should Believe the Same Thing

I’ve stressed this for years: When it comes to the Word of God, there should absolutely be no division whatsoever amongst the church. All believers in Jesus Christ ought to believe the same thing when it comes to the Word of God. As a matter of fact, in 1 Corinthians, Paul literally pleads with us to speak the same thing, assuring us that it would join us perfectly together–he as well warned us that, without doing so, it would cause division. It is the work of Satan that has geared us up against one another, because he knows what Jesus Christ stressed was a solid foundation and truth: “If a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand” (Mark 3:25). On a side note, as you can see, Abraham Lincoln wasn’t the origin of that famous quote.
cant fight the enemy if we are divided
A great way to fix this problem, or shall I say, the only way, is to read the Word of God (the Bible) for yourself, daily, with an open heart, and allow the Holy Spirit to interpret it for you. He is not double-minded like man, whatever He reveals will complement the scriptures. When we are all given the same information, wisdom and knowledge, we become a strong, united army for God. And if you’ve ever stuck your head in the Bible, you’d know that armies for God always win!


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