Cynthia Rotenberger Died and Came Back to Life

A Mother Died and Came Back To Life After a Tragic Car Accident And Returned With An Important Message From Heaven

We've heard stories about those who've died and came back to life, but we haven't heard many about traveling through space!

We didn't know the hotel was haunted

We Didn’t Know the Hotel Was Haunted

While visiting a famous hotel, we had no idea it was haunted until we were inside. This taught our children the reality of spiritual warfare. MY CHILDREN LEARNED ABOUT SPIRITUAL WARFARE: This weekend, my children have seen for themselves the battle of the spiritual realm: Over the weekend, my family and I took a day…

It Can Be Done - Deep Believer

It Can Be Done

Every once in a blue moon, we all face something that seems to be impossible. But what if I told you it can be done? Moses parted a sea, Joshua made the sun and moon stand still, Gideon conquered a massive army with merely 300 men, and David defeated a giant with a little rock.…