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The Dire Need For Praying In Tongues Is Fast Approaching

Dire Need to Pray In Tongues

There’s no doubt we’re living in the End Times, and the dire need to pray in tongues may be fast approaching.

Dire Need to Pray In Tongues

What is speaking in tongues, actually? Yes, it’s a heavenly language to God, but it’s also the Holy Spirit speaking and interceding for us through our physical body. It’s the purest form of prayer.  Tongue speaking is a supernatural phenomenon, which is why scientists and doctors can’t quite put their finger on why there’s no “language” activity in the frontal lobe of the brain when one prays this way. 

This is a wild phenomenon because personally, I can read a book in my head and verbally pray in tongues, yet still, fully understand and concentrate on what I’m reading. That’s not “natural”.

Doctors have found that this method of prayer differentiates from all other types of spoken prayer.

The first mention of speaking in tongues was introduced during Pentecost in the book of Acts when the Bible describes tongues of fire resting on each one of Jesus’ followers in a room. Those on the outside thought it was fascinating as many heard their native tongue being spoken, although others thought they were drunk.

I believe we have now entered a time in history when speaking in tongues will be a requirement for getting particular prayers answered, as we are now in the End Times.

The Bible doesn’t specifically say what language God converses with, with then and now heavenly beings, although I do recall many who have flatlined or have had out of body, third-heaven experiences mention that they were able to communicate without moving their lips as if to say that their communication was from mind-to-mind or thought-to-thought. We know that there is singing in heaven and I’d assume that lips would be moving in that aspect, as all throughout scripture it tells of singing and new songs being sung in throughout heaven, glorifying the Lord (Rev. 5; Job 38:7; Luke 2:13-14).

When Daniel [in the Bible] prayed, an angel appeared to him telling him that his “words were heard” and that he had come for his “words” (Daniel 10:12 KJV).  The fact that “words” was emphasized twice, more than likely means that he prayed aloud. I believe it’s probable that evil spirits and/or princes of Persia heard and understood his prayers, and with that, attempted all they could to halt its delivery.

“The prince of the kingdom of Persia withstood me twenty-one days, but Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me, for I was left there with the kings of Persia.” -Daniel 10:13

With that being said, praying in heavenly tongues has a slightly different effect.  It’s our personal language with God that satan and his little minions cannot understand, neither do we (unless the Lord gives us the interpretation).  Because satan does not understand it, he does not know how to attack or go after it.  It’s eternal gibberish to him.  I believe this is why the Apostle Paul urges us all to pray in tongues.  We are currently in a fierce spiritual battle right now, and an army never tells their battle plan!

Through the years, there has been controversy about this certain form of worship.  Years ago, I attended two churches that believed and taught that speaking in tongues was obsolete.  The Bible does teach that one-day tongues will cease (1 Cor. 13:8-10), as well as prophecy.  But that day has not come yet, and neither had the Lord nor His Word says it has.

I solidly and unshakeable believe that tongues and prophecy will cease when Jesus reigns with His children during the Millennial Reign because there will be no need for a discreet language or prophetic words since God will be physically on the earth and things perfected.

But, what a perfect time for satan to keep saints ignorant of their power of communication.  If one were to put aside man’s doctrine of what they had been taught in church services or seminary about tongues and prophecy and read the Word of God for themselves with a surrendered open heart, there would be absolutely no confusion on the matter. I speak from personal experience.

Just look around, the entire earth has been shaken! What we are experiencing is what Jesus describes as the beginning of birthing pains in Matthew 24. We are living in the End Times and we’re going to feel the effects of it. There will be more things shaken as we get closer and closer to the “taking up” (Rapture) of the church and the Tribulation. And while this all unravels, it’s crucial for us to get as close to Jesus as we possibly can, and we must start using the gift of tongues to converse with the Lord, so satan cannot intervene.

If you would like to know this heavenly language, all you have to do is sincerely ask Jesus to baptize you with His Holy Spirit. When you do, open up your mouth and begin to pray…not in your language nor using your thoughts, but allow your spirit to pray through you.

On an important note, you must be born again in order to receive this gift. Without being a child of God, it will be to no avail. If you haven’t done so, ask Jesus to come and live inside of you, turning away from your sin. He’s desperately in love with you!

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  1. The purpose of the Holy Spirit is found in John 20:21-23 & Acts 1:4-8. When we compare the two passage of scriptures we see that Jesus was referring to two different encounters with the Holy Spirit. In Ephesians 3:16 it says that we are strengthened by the baptism of the Holy Spirit despite the fact that our outward man perishes day by day (2 Corinthians 4:16).

    According to Acts 1:8 baptism in the Holy Spirit provides power for witnessing. Baptism in the Holy Spirit is also the fulfillment of God’s promise to pour out His Spirit upon all men in the last days.

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