5 Reasons Why Satan Hates You


The truth behind why satan hates you should make you want to blush!

Anyone who’s ever read the Bible knows that satan hates people, vehemently. But why? Why does satan hate you and me so passionately?

Many years ago, before my revelation of the dark side of horror movies, I wanted my husband to watch a scary film I once saw when I was younger. It was hugely popular in its day for how frightening it was. I warned him that the movie would be very scary, especially the bad guy.

Once the movie was over, I asked him, “Wasn’t that scary?!”

He chuckled with a, “No.”

Baffled, I questioned, “Well, you don’t think the bad guy was scary? Everyone I know who’s watched it said the bad guy was terrifying!”

I Saw God Last Night: Whoever Said He's Dead, Flat Out Lied!

Then, my husband broke it down to me like this, “Jenny, that man wasn’t scary! All he did was convince some lady to do his dirty work for him, and she did it. She shouldn’t have listened to him. It was stupid! And no, it wasn’t scary.”

He was on to something and didn’t even know it! By the time he got done speaking, my little invisible antennas started popping up on my head. I asked myself, “Well, gee, that sounds a whole lot like how the devil does things!”

The devil uses us, but not in a good way–not like God does. The enemy uses us to do his dirty work if he sees us as being “useable”. A part of our job is to never appear useable to satan, ever!

If satan uses us to do his bad deeds, why does he still hate us? There are many reasons why satan hates you, but I will list for you only five:

1. Satan Hates You Because You Look Like God

“And God said, ‘Let Us make man in Our image, after Our likeness” (Gen. 1:26). Did you know that you look like God? Not only do you resemble Him, but you were made in His image.

You may say, “But what about the angels, they look like humans, too. Wouldn’t that mean they’re in God’s image also?” Nope! God has a body (Jesus), spirit, and soul (great discussion for the Holy Trinity) just like humans. Angels lack one thing: a body.

So, every time satan looks at you, He sees God, and he can’t stand it. This is why he tries to make us believe that we’re worthless, ugly, stupid, no good, etc. Because he knows that we aren’t that. He knows that we’re God’s finest creation, but the lie is to make us believe that we’re something we’re not, so we’d never know our fullest potential. This is why satan hates you.

2. You Can Have Authority

Jesus tells us to speak to a mountain without doubting, and it will move (Mark 11:23). He also spoke to the winds and the seas and they obeyed Him (Mark 4:41). The same Spirit and power that is in Jesus Christ lives inside of us; therefore, He commands us to do the same works, and greater (John 14: 12-14).

Over the years, I developed a fear of tornados. In 2019, the Lord called my family and I to move out west to Colorado from Connecticut. So, on June 26, 2020, we had only been in our new place for a few months when the sky grew dark in the afternoon, and bolts of lightning flooded the sky, shaking the ground.

Our family watched nature’s show from windows all over the house in amazement, until an emergency alert began beeping from the television. “Tornado Warning in the Colorado Springs area. Seek lower shelter!”

By this time, I’m on the backyard deck checking out the sky and see nothing. Then, my husband yells to me from the front of the house to come to the front door and check out the sky.

What’s that?“, my husband asked as he pointed to a weird-shaped cloud in the sky.

“It’s a tornado trying to form!“, I shouted.

Remember, I was terrified of tornados, but like the Bible says, “You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you” (Acts 1:8).

All fear completely left my body (fear and faith can’t work together)! I darted out the door, stretched my hand out, and began to speak to that supercell, rebuking its existence in the name of Jesus! I didn’t care which neighbors were watching or what they’d say. Our youngest daughter heard me praying and rebuking, so she ran outside alongside me, stretched her hand out, and gave it divine orders.

As she and I shouted at that cloud, blasting Jesus’ name through the atmosphere, miraculously, the supercell, would-be tornado slowly began to curl up and recede! It was a four-minute battle.

God has given us authority over the earth and satan knows this, but his job is to keep us from knowing it. He wants us out of his way, but once we learn our authority in Christ Jesus over him and things on earth, we are absolutely capable of foiling satan’s plans. This is why satan hates you.

3. You Are A Threat

That’s right, satan hates you because you are a threat or potential threat to him and his kingdom, and he knows this. A child of God (one who is born-again) is a threat to the enemy because a child of God has access to the power of God. When I say access, I mean the power of God literally lives inside of them. The devil was stripped from having God’s power when the Lord gave him “the boot” from heaven.

Those who are not born-again believers are potential threats because anyone can accept Jesus Christ at anytime, no matter how messy their life may seem.

One of the devil’s strategies against a born-again believer is to never allow him or her to know the power they have in Jesus’ name to cast satan down, dismantling him and his little minions.

Jesus Per Day Keeps the devil away

People must understand that satan is extremely clever, and again, will use whoever he can to get the job done. He will often use those high ranking in the religious field. Starting from the top, trickling down. Ie. The devil will whisper to a minister disinformation about God or the Bible to their congregation, the congregation spreads it to their family and children, and their family and children then spread it to their friends, and so on and so forth. And the lie that’s spread is for the enemy’s benefits and our dismantling. It should be the other way around.

I once heard a story shared by a very respectable evangelist about a man he met on the street. This evangelist was ministering on the street when he approached a satanist in about his 20s or 30s. He asked the young man if he could pray for him and the satanist agreed. During this same conversation, the evangelist prayed against an illness that the young man was suffering from and he was healed that very instant.

Then the evangelist asked the young satanist what made him lean to witchcraft. The man then began to explain how he was raised in a Christian household and went to church every Sunday. But in his teenage years, he was having a very difficult time with certain aspects of life, so he went to his pastor for help. He asked his pastor one question, “Does God still perform miracles?” When his pastor answered, “No”, the young man said that was all he needed to hear. So he went to witchcraft where he knew supernatural things (evil ones) were taking place.

That young man has since left the occult and now pastors his own church, but as you can see, it was the devil’s cunning deception that dismantled the ex-satanist. This is why satan hates you.

By the way, God has NEVER left the miracle-working business! The power of Holy Spirit Who lives inside of us is far more powerful than that of the power within the occult. The devil knows this also.

4. You Have His Old Job

Before satan was kicked out of Heaven, his name was Lucifer, and was the lead worshipper of Heaven. The Bible describes him as being an instrument of praise, some believe he even had musical instruments all inside of him (Ezekiel 28:11-19). But when he tried to overthrow the Lord Almighty, Jesus describes satan’s exile in Luke 10:18 saying, “I beheld satan as lightning falling from heaven!”

Once he was taken care of, it was as if God said, “I’m going to make Me those who will worship Me, and I’ll make a lot of them!” So He created mankind. He created us to sing praises, dance, and make music to His holy name. (Did your mind just go to King David, just now? Mine did.)

Built Bar

If you haven’t realized it yet, the devil is a very jealous being, as well as a sore loser, which is why we see so much repulsion in music today. He tries all that he can to infiltrate the music world so it’s perverted and directed away from God. Music was created in Heaven to worship God, but satan has hijacked it.

This is the same reason why there is often so much “behind-the-scenes” strife and competition on praise and worship teams and church choirs because he wants to disrupt God’s praise. But praise the Lord that they always seem to pull it together in the end.

When the Bible says “Jealousy is as cruel as the grave” (Song of Solomon 8:6), that originated with satan’s jealousy for us taking on his old position as worshipper and being made in God’s image.

Also, since satan wanted to be worshipped so much, he uses people to accomplish his ghastly goal. He tempts mankind to crave fame, popularity and notoriety, knowing that this will, in return, will lead to the worship of self and man, as opposed to the one, true God. Remember, satan was the worshipper, now that’s our job. This is why satan hates you.

5. Satan Hates You Because God Loves You

Last, but certainly not least, satan hates you because God loves you (John 3:16). He hates you because you’re the apple of God’s eye (Deut. 32:10) and he can’t stand it. The reason why satan wants to hurt mankind is that he knows that in hurting us, it painfully hurts God.

Have you ever had anyone tell you that they’d die for you? If so, think about how that made you feel. Jesus actually did that for you.

Have you known anyone so desperate for something that they’d do whatever it took to get it? Well, God the Father was so desperate for us that He gave up Someone Who was dearest to Him…His only Son, Jesus. All of which was to save your soul from an eternal hell and for you to become a part of His family, forever.

Do you see why satan hates us so much? But, who cares how he feels, we’ve got better things to do. We’ve got souls to save!

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    1. Just this morning I was reading through Psalm 37. I read it slowly, and more than once. I sent it to friends, made a post about it … I was fired up with remembering that “… God sees and He laughs at the evil doers …” so then what do we have to fear? He says three times before verse ten “… fret not …” Fret Not! Worry Not! God always is, always was and always will be in Sovereign control. Praise God! Then, right on schedule, the phone rang. Two of my Grandsons tested positive! The enemy thought he’d mess with me and my family, straight away fear gripped my neck! Lying devil! I had to make myself stop, focus on Jesus and not the storm. Realizing that the closer I get to the Lord, and the deeper I go in His Word then that irritates our enemies. But then I remember, “…God laughs at their destruction …”
      Thank you for this blog. 🤗

      1. Kellie, praise the Lord you stood strong against the enemy. With this response I say a prayer for your continued resolve to keep your focus steadfast. Blessings to you.

  1. Satan doesnt hate anyone, in my opinion, he loves people. Why, because they are so easily manipulated.

    Look at the world, all the greed and corruption. He is loving life as he is living his life through all those people. Killing for profit, billionaires making double the money through a pandemic, when everyone is lock in their homes.

    1. Love is of God and comes from God. The satan is void of everything that that’s of God, therefore it is IMPOSSIBLE for him to love anyone. He is an opportunist and will use you to get what he wants, then kill you. Interview an ex-satanist and you’d see things very differently, as they’ll all confirm love is void with the devil. On the other hand, he make “like” what’s happening, but he is incapable of loving anyone. This fact is backed all throughout scripture.

  2. /*
    Thank You Sister Jennifer Bagnaschi!

    This article/essay is “Right-On!” It simply rings full of nothing but the TRUTH!
    Hopefully, folks will heed this message and get back on track.

    Many Thanks.

    In Peace,:


  3. There is a other power we have when evil is present and you sense it. Don’t acknowledge it. My sister always reminds me of this as occasionally there’s a dark presence that shows up from time to time around her. She ignores it, and it goes away. Satan must hate us if we won’t even recognize him when he or his lackeys show up. Very good article.

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