Lukewarm Christianity Is Sickening

The Year 2020 Has Exposed Lukewarm Christianity At Its Finest

Well, if you didn’t know what lukewarm Christianity was before, now you know, thanks to the trials of 2020!

I can’t count the number of times I’ve read the passage in the Book of Revelation that says, “Because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will vomit you out of My mouth” (Rev. 3:16). But the observation of this year hit me like a ton of bricks when I realized the severity of how infested lukewarm Christianity has become.

Lukewarm Christianity

Around three years ago, the Lord gave me a hard-hitting dream that made me cognizant of what would begin to occur. With it, He said, “I will begin to make it evident who is truly for Me and who is not!” What a bone-chilling moment!

Then, the Lord told me to tell the people what He had conveyed to me, so I did. I told almost everyone with who I conversed. Many people (Christian and non) listened and took heed, but I noticed, to my dismay, those who became uncomfortable with it or rebuked it, were those who had some sort of ministerial title. I figured, it must have hit home for them.

Fast-forward three years later, the Coronavirus rared its ugly head, political candidates expose their policies, and the faith of every Christian soul around planet earth is tested. Ahhh…so this was a speck of what God was talking about! Here’s what happened:

Christians Refused to Go to Church

Christians refused to go to church out of fear (are you kidding me?!) The last time I checked the Word of God, when pestilence came about, God’s children were ordered to heal the sick and cast it down, not hide from it! What happened here? Here’s the answer: The fearful ones made the mainstream media their god and became slaves to their deceptive strongholds.

God specifically tells us not to give up nor neglect assembling with other believers (Heb. 10:25). Doing so is living in disobedience and rebellion. God compares rebellion to witchcraft! (1 Samuel 15:23)

Fear is a tool of the devil! So how on earth can you operate with the spirit of God utilizing satan’s devices? You can’t! Lukewarm Christianity at it’s finest.

A lack of knowledge of one’s identity in Christ is also a root cause of this nonsense behavior. My next book will focus on this matter and help grasp the knowledge of your identity in Christ. Having knowledge of it is a weapon in of itself to the enemy.

Love For Many Have Waxed Cold

Lukewarm Christianity

Our oldest daughter runs cross-country, and during her last meet, she collapsed to the ground due to altitude sickness and began gasping for air in pain. With approximately 12 observers on the sideline, around 10 feet away, not one bystander came to her aid! No one! Why? Because of fear. I’m pretty sure a few standing by were believers.

Did I get angry? No. Why? Because I’m a child of God and I gave my children up to the Lord years ago, therefore; I trust Him to protect them (especially when we can’t). And He did! It wasn’t until moments before that a parent of one of her friend’s asked us to meet them at one of the sidelines for directions. On the way up, we passed our daughter and found her hanging on a wooden fence for relief. Medics came to help her moments later.

A young mother at our church also mentioned that adults (especially) the elderly no longer stop her in public or the grocery store to tell her how cute and adorable her baby daughter is due to fear. She mentioned how that sort of broke her heart. Little specks of love goes a long way, but the god of self and fear is causing kind acts of endearment to subside. Is this excusable? Absolutely not!

Corrupted Hearts of the Church Were Exposed (PUBLICLY)

Here’s what I like to say when things really get me ticking: “Oy vey!” (No, I’m not Jewish, but my Jesus is, so…) The whole world watched the US Presidential Election. Why? Because the future of the world rides on it! And the truth of that matter is, this election truly wasn’t red or blue, Republican or Democrat, or neither Trump nor Biden, it was about good vs. evil. Light vs. dark.

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Both sides presented their policies: One side was for protecting the life of the unborn, religious freedom, freedom of speech, economic prosperity, and extremely pro-Israel. The other side was for the murder of the unborn (even after birth) aka. hands that shed innocent blood, the abolishing of religious freedom and free speech, economic socialism, and very anti-Israel (and we know what God says about lands that bless or curse Israel).

It was that simple! Good vs. Evil. Laid flat in front of our faces for all to see! No one was without excuse. I guess the question for Christians was: “Do you love God more?” So many “so-called Christians” answered with their vote, which was a proud, “No!” Why do I say proud? Because these people blasted and defended their actions publically on social media, with peers and church communities.

Wait! But didn’t Jesus say, “If you love Me, keep my commandments”? He most definitely did! This means you can’t love God and consciously rebel against His commandments. Nor can you be after His heart and vote for abortion. That’s called lukewarm Christianity at it’s finest!

These people chose a “façade personality” over the heart of God. This election wasn’t about who we voted for but what we voted for.

Think about your most favorite and/or admired person in the Bible—unless you chose someone in the lines of Jezebel, Ahab, Judas, or King Herod, none of them would have placed a vote for the murder of children. Oh, but they say, “It really doesn’t mean anything…it’s just a vote.” It may mean absolutely nothing to them, but it means everything to satan, and he will use it against them in the Courts of Heaven.

I Saw God Last Night

Being lukewarm is a disgusting thing, which is why Jesus says He will vomit such people out of His mouth. He takes it very seriously! It’s comparable to spiritual treason. Lukewarm Christianity is a result of losing or never have gained the fear of God. Do they really believe they’ll be exempt from Judgement Day? Do they believe it won’t happen to them? It will!

I have to admit, I was angry when I saw the mass amount of “Christians” who I once admired, looked up to, or just saw as a brother or sister in Christ, break the heart of God. I was disgusted to the highest degree, and for the first time, I fully understood Jesus when He said, “Because you are lukewarm and neither cold nor hot, I will vomit you out of My mouth!”

The first four days after the election, Christians from all over the world reached out to me, many of whom I don’t even know, telling me that they are praying for our country! This was like a hug to my soul.

But get this—many of them were from third-world countries! So here we have wonderful believers from some of the most impoverished nations in the world, praying for America, the most prosperous nation in the world! The world knows the United States is spiritually sick, especially those who claim to be about Jesus.

Live the life or don’t! No one can play the fence without getting a “side-eye”. Who chooses to be a Gomer? Who chooses to be a harlot bride without conviction?

So, corrupted hearts of the church were exposed merely by opening their mouths (Luke 6:45), but where do we go from here? Can lukewarm Christianity be fixed? Of course. We must pray conviction for such people as well as their salvation.

I’ll never forget the words 12-year-old Jesus said to His mother when she went looking for Him. He said, “Did you not know that I must be about my Father’s business?” (Luke 2:49). These are words I live by. Family and friends may shun you and the world may persecute you, but that all means nothing when we’re in the will of our Father. Life is like a vapor and our reward is in heaven!

13 thoughts on “The Year 2020 Has Exposed Lukewarm Christianity At Its Finest

  1. Amen! We need to stop living in fear – “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” (2 Timothy 1:7) But the only way to have a sound mind and live a life full of power and love is if we get into God’s Holy Word. We can’t just keep playing a game by acting one way on Sundays and then being completely different the rest of the week. I loved this post!

  2. Blunt truth, Jennifer! At the heart of my writing is the desire to wake up Christian women who have slipped into that lukewarm status, in addition to reaching women who don’t know God as a Father. Keep sharing your message!

  3. Christians have relied too long on politics. Politics will always betray us sooner or later. The lukewarm church you mentioned was Laodicea. The church that was not criticized but only praised was Smyrna. It was the church that was persecuted. We need to be diligent that the church takes responsibility for our decadent culture and the cleansing of the church will follow.

  4. The church that was condemned was Laodicea because they were “comfortable”. The church that was praised was Smyrna because they were “persecuted”. I don’t believe churches should be relying on politics which shifts like the wind. We need to make sure our churches do what they are deigned for and that is to reach lost souls and the culture. And we’re also fortunate that we can longer wait for strangers to just show up at the church door, but that we need to seek them out within the culture.

  5. Thank you for taking the time to write about this topic. It has been on my mind for quite a while, and it is refreshing to see someone else thinking about and comparing it to today’s times.

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