The Church Is “Supposed” to Be On Deployment

The church should be on deployment

Since the world has gone haywire, who are you truly putting your trust in? Let’s get real. Your actions speak for itself. With church buildings closed, the true church (children of God) is supposed to be on deployment! But instead, a vast majority have jumped ship, gone AWOL, or have become prisoners of war in this thing!

It’s a poor representation of Who they say they serve as if their loyalty has been redirected to worldly government. But didn’t our Lord say that the government would be on HIS shoulders? (Isaiah 9:6). With top-notch armor (Ephesians 6), many are refusing to wear it and have abandoned the words of promise and protected from their King [Jesus] (Psalm 91).

Surround yourself with people who have true intimacy with God, who are not slaves to fear and who will help build your faith. Remember, the church is supposed to be on deployment, not enslaved prisoners of war!

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