Top Cardiologist Warns About the Imminent Rapture of the Church

Top Cardiologist Warns About the Imminent Rapture of the Church

Are you preparing your heart for the imminent Rapture of the Church in these last days? Dr. Kojoglanian tells us how to.

I recently got the great opportunity of interviewing one of the United States’ top 1% cardiologists. Not only does he happen to be an “on-fire” born-again Christian, but he also has a lot of knowledge regarding the End Times. His name is Dr. Samuel Kojoglanian, and he warns us about the imminent Rapture of the Church.

Some may be surprised by Dr. Kojoglanian’s very vocal, prominent zeal for Jesus Christ, given his impressive ranking in occupation, but he’s doing it right! He explained to me how there was a time at the very start of his career when being a doctor became his god. Because of this, the career he worked so hard to obtain was left stagnant.

When you watch the interview, you may be quite shocked at what God told him was the reason for his [then] lack of success. It was that very conversation with the Lord that turned everything around! From then on, Jesus Christ became his First Love, including Him in every aspect of his work.

Everyone knows it’s risky business nowadays to evangelize to clients, customers, or patients on the job, but this is exactly what Kojoglanian offers to every one of his patients who are receptive to hearing the Gospel. He has his own practice, Mender of Hearts, to help heal hearts God’s way—physically and spiritually.

As I conversed more so with the doctor, who just so happens to have been born in Jerusalem on the Mount of Olives, he expressed the urgency of salvation. There was no sugar-coating in this conversation. The one and only path to Heaven is solely through Jesus Christ and no other.

Iron Dome Shooting down attack missiles into Israel
May 11, 2021

When discussing the imminent Rapture of the Church, Dr. Kojoglanian warns us that, “Today, Russia, Turkey, and Iran are aligned [to attack Israel]”, which backs Ezekial 38 & 39, and Psalms prophecies.

If you haven’t been hiding under a rock the past few days, you’d know that things are heating up, yet again, with hundreds of fierce rockets and missiles being shot into Israel within a 24 hour time period. Thank God for the creation of the Iron Dome!

With many prophetic End Times signs coming to fruition, Israel is one to always keep an eye on.

Staying on subject, Kojoglanian also discusses the difference between the imminent Rapture of the Church and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. They are two distinct differences with two distinct purposes. Many confuse the two as one, single event.

Other topics discussed are:

  • The End Times Timeline
  • Is There More Than One Rapture?
  • Do Good People Go to Hell?”
  • And more

To obtain Dr. Sam Kojoglanian’s book series, “Rev It Up”, you can visit his website, Beacon of Hearts, today. In it, he breaks down each and every verse of the Book of Revelation. It’s an exciting read!

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  2. Thank you Sister Jennifer (For a DeepBeliever….PTL) for your interview with Dr Sam Kojoglanian, Pls go after more-on-fire-Born again eminent professionals like Dr Sam. May you really be blessed. Felllow Pilgrim, Bro G. Accra Ghana Hallelujah

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