As In the Days of Noah: The Last Time

There are groundbreaking parallels that have only happened once in history that are again occurring today, and it’s comparable to the Days of Noah.

as in the days of noah four parallels

This is a quick but thought-provoking piece that may be eerie for some, yet hopeful for others. I’ve come to the conclusion of four facts pertaining to the signs Jesus instructed us to watch for referring to the End Days and regarding His coming (Matt. 24:37). He assured us that those days would be as in The Days of Noah. Whatever Jesus says, you can always take it to the bank!

Based on the current state of mankind and the mind-blowing prophecies coming to pass at rapid speed, the Bible has proven to be the only solid, reliable Book that’s taken this planet by storm. Below is what I’ve concluded:

The last time:

  1. The whole earth shut down was during The Great Flood/The Days of Noah.
  2. The entire world experienced simultaneous chaos was during The Great Flood/The Days of Noah.
  3. The total globe experienced a Great Reset was during The Great Flood/The Days of Noah.
  4. The righteous were completely spared from the global wrath of God was during The Great Flood/The Days of Noah.

The parallels are uncanny and something to think about. #4 is knocking at the door! Will you be on that ark before the Lord shuts the door (Gen. 7:16)?

Always be watching. Always be ready. Remain in repentance. Tell the world of Jesus’ soon return. The sphere that gravity is holding you down on is currently living…as in the Days of Noah.

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  1. Awesome perspective! I’d like to add, “These are the days of Elijah!” We Christians are here for a reason–to speak the truth about God and His amazing love as Elijah did. Also Moses, Jeremiah, Isaiah, Elisha and many more.

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