The Fear of God and the 2020 Presidential Election

Vote with the fear of God

Has America lost the fear of God? The 2020 Presidential Election has given us a 20/20 vision of the state of the heart of the people.

I originally made this article, The Fear of God and the 2020 Presidential Election, as a quick Facebook post the other day, then deleted and reposted it in order to correct a few things. But, when I went back to check on it, I noticed that only around four sentences of what I wrote was actually reposted and I couldn’t get it back. So, I figured God just wanted me to express it in more detail, so that’s what I’ll do.

20 years ago, I was on my way to hell with religion as my guide! God literally showed me myself being nailed to a cross in the very pit of hell. I thought I was saved and secure from such a place, as I gave my life to Jesus at the age of eight, always went to church and read my Bible. But there, I saw myself, pinned to wood with two demons pounding my hands. Thud! Thud! Thud!

It was then that Jesus was in the midst, “But Jesus, I love you.”

His response was, “No, you don’t.”

That was it! That was all I needed for me to realize the truth–that I actually didn’t love Jesus, but rather religion (or additionally, the thought of Him). The thing is when you have to genuinely love the Lord, everything inside of you that’s foul, begins to smell foul to you (spiritually). I go into more in-depth detail in my book, I Saw God Last Night.

Jesus clearly stated, “If you love me, you will keep my commandments” (John 14:15) I believe one of the dearest commandments from Him is to love one another as He loves us. If everyone loved one another, we’d truly see the value of human life, as the human is more valuable than any other form of life (Matt. 10:29-31).

Let all the earth fear the Lord;

    let all the people of the world revere him.

Psalm 33:8

Along with knowing the value of human life is the fear of God. There used to be a time, 50 years ago and prior, a person didn’t have to be considered a Christian to fear God. The majority of people, including the United States of America knew that if they did something that was morally wrong, they had a concern about what God would allow to happen to them because of their wrong-doing. This is true even if they didn’t know who God was!

But the eyes of the Lord are on those who fear him,

    on those whose hope is in his unfailing love.

Psalm 33:18

America has lost the fear of God, which is why we are in the mess we’re in today. Christians aren’t out-of-the-woods either! I’d say, a vast amount of Christians, especially, do not or have never gained the fear of God. There’s a huge possibility that I did not have the fear of God before that vision. So, neither did I love God nor fear Him.

Now, on to the 2020 Presidential Election: It has been made very clear what both candidates stand for and their policies. Whether we realize it or not, this election is not based on who we’re voting for, but rather what we’re voting for. And what we’re voting for is life or death.

I Saw God Last Night
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What does that mean: life or death? Well, not too long ago, I never had a clear understanding of what God meant when He said one of the things he hates is hands that shed innocent blood. Therefore, I asked Him what He meant by, “innocent blood”. I always thought the shedding of innocent blood represented anyone who was wrongfully murdered in a hapless situation.

But, the Lord answered me with such knowledge. He said, “Innocent blood is anyone who hasn’t had the chance to sin”.

So, I said to myself, “Besides Jesus Christ, the only people who haven’t had the chance to sin are babies and unborn children.”

God answered, “Exactly”! (One thing I’ve learned about the Lord is that He’s a God of very few words, but always packs a punch.)

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The significance of His response shined an even brighter light on the moral decline of the United States. I know how God says that He knew us before we were in our mother’s womb, and how it’s better for a boulder to be tied around someone’s neck and cast into the deep sea who abuses a child (Matt. 8:6), so this struck a nerve. Some nerves need to be struck in order to grasp the seriousness of a matter.

Jesus loves children so much that He even emphasized that Heaven, His home, is filled with them (Matt. 19:14)! Therefore, if anyone genuinely loves Jesus, then they’d love children enough to fight for them–the helpless and innocent.

It completely baffles my mind how one can say they’re a Christian, yet advocate for the slaughter and murder of innocent babies. Even if one were to cast their vote for a candidate knowing that they’re a huge advocate for abortion (child-murder). The fear of God would tell them that they’ll be held responsible for their decision on Judgement Day, whether that candidate wins or loses.

The fear of the Lord and the love of God go hand-in-hand. Your vote matters not only on Earth but are weighed in Heaven. Vote the heart of God, not the heat of the moment.

Don’t be fooled by a party that promises they’re for you, yet always falls through. God is for you! He alone is your reliance, provider, and defender.

Fear the Lord, you His holy people,
    for those who fear him lack nothing. The lions may grow weak and hungry,
    but those who seek the Lord lack no good thing.

Psalm 34:10

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  1. Jennifer, I’ve read a few of your posts now, and for whatever reason I cannot get the “like” buttons to work. Anyway, I appreciate what I have been reading. Writings like these are not popular, within or without churches. However, you are right, we have lost both the fear and love of God. We’ve become so preoccupied with church growth rather than kingdom and spiritual growth. We’ve tried to mix the sacred with the profane. Oh, would be to God, that He would bring a great revival throughout His church, and great awakenings around the world! Thank you for your posts. They are a breath of fresh air. Blessings!

  2. What a blessing to read this deeply thoughtful and Biblical article! Thank you for following me, and I am honored and delighted to follow you in return. God bless and prosper your voice for Him and His glory! Your sister in Christ.

  3. Hi Jennifer. I always take a quick glance at the blogs of people who “like” mine. I love your straightforward and candid way of saying what you think and mean. You have a strikingly sound approach – and I hope you have a lot more success with this. It is very good work.

  4. Jennifer, I enjoyed reading this post which paralleled my own Election 2020-themed blog (that earned me 30 days’ restriction from posting on FB. Just goes to show it was waaaay too truthful! 🤣).

    1. Kim, it’s funny you said that, because I, too just got unrestricted from FB for giving people hope about the outcome of the election. A friend of mine encourages that if we’re persecuted for Christ, rejoice! Kim, let’s rejoice together😁

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