Stop Hindering the Faith of Little Children

Two years ago, I wrote a book called, I Saw God Last Night, and in it, the Lord put on me to stress the respect and encouragement of the faith of little children.

Most people will agree with me that, when speaking to a young child, it is very evident that they lack doubt; they believe what they’re told.  So when a little one hears about the love of Jesus, that He arose from the dead, and that He can do anything, they take that to the bank and run with it! (Not literally, of course. But spiritually, yes.)  They have not been tainted by the learned doubt of adults.

I can attest growing up, I had so much faith in Jesus and believed so much that He could do anything, to the point where…I even expected Him to (as many children do).  When I would tell adults about the things I believed for Jesus to do, I could tell there was a blockage of belief there (and no, it wasn’t anything crazy like, ‘If I jump off of a building, I know God will make me fly!’)   They would kindly, in what they felt was good reasoning, try to explain to me that God doesn’t do this or that.  I never believed them. Still don’t…and I’m in my 30’s!

There was another instance when a little girl was telling me about how she had a beautiful dream about Heaven two to three years before her telling me, and the details of it was so immense, that I was just blown away. (None of it contradicted the Bible). The little girl told me that she could never forget the dream. When her mother walked in, she overheard her daughter talking about it and sort of boarder-line rolled her eyes and brushed it off.  This upset me.  If a parent won’t even believe their own child’s testimony, what confidence does that give them as they grow older?  Let alone confidence in their own words and testimonies.

Children don’t see things in the eyes of us tainted adults.  They see the truth, until an older generation teaches them doubt.  This is why Jesus says we must become as little children in order to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.  He’s not telling us to be childish, but yet, child-like (Matthew 18:3)!  Jesus takes this so serious, even to say that, if you become a stumbling block for little children, it is better for you to have a millstone hung from your neck and be drowned in the depth of the sea (Matthew 18:3-6)!

In conclusion, if a child believes in miracles, let them believe.  If a child believes in the power of God, let them believe.  If a child has testified of the supernatural, let them believe…and do not taint, taunt, hinder, or become a stumbling block for them. Children are a pleasure to the heart and eyes of God, and we should re-learn from them, the child-like faith we once lost. Besides, our faith is  what moves God, rather than our wants or needs.



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