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Would You Let Roaches Live in Your Home?

Would you let roaches live in your home?

Would you let roaches live in your home? Even more so, would you claim the roaches as your own?  Stick with me because this is going somewhere.

Would you let roaches live in your home?

Day in and day out, I constantly hear people say things like, “I have a cold”, “my cancer”, “I have eczema”, “my stomach issues”, etc, etc.  But my question has been for a long time now, “Why are you claiming sickness as “yours”?  Or if it were yours, wouldn’t you have the ability to easily rid yourself of it? Any type of sickness is an intruder to the body, so why do people often, yet unknowingly, take ownership of trespassers (sickness)?  If someone broke into your home, got comfortable and refused to leave, would you take ownership of them and call them your invader? Absolutely not!

Now, back to the roaches: Would you let roaches live in your home? Would you claim roaches invading your home as your roaches?  Not a chance! Why?  Because for one thing, roaches are invaders and intrude on your personal space(s) and habitat.  To make matters worse, they carry disease and the majority of the world is grossed out by them. With that being said, why do we willingly call any type of disease or sickness ours? Did we go out looking for it? Did we purchase it? Words have power!

Too many times have I heard born-again Christians respond nonchalantly with, “Well, it’s already there”, when asked why they’ve taken ownership of sickness in their body.  To me, that’s a pathetic response, especially as a believer.  Again, if an intruder were to enter into your home, you’d put up a good fight or call authorities to extract them from your house!  If roaches invaded your home, you would do all that you could to exterminate them.  I don’t know anyone (as of yet) who would sincerely say, “Well, the roaches are already there, so I’ll just leave them as my pets.”  In a way, that’s exactly what we’re saying when we claim any type of sickness or disease!

Have you ever wondered why so many people talk like this?  The answer is simple: because it’s common. But God didn’t make his children “common”. King Solomon even groaned about the chosen commonalities of life.

“There is an evil which I have seen under the sun, and it is common among men.”

Ecclesiastes 6:1 

But we are to be set apart from the world’s (common) ways (2 Timothy 2:21); the Word of God calls it as being “sanctified”.

Whenever Jesus went out to heal the sick, the Bible says that He healed them all. He also wasn’t fond of disease as He calls it a spirit of infirmity (Luke 13:11), which shows us that sickness is actually spiritual warfare, and He’s given us the authority and the weaponry to combat it with His help.

Remember, sickness and disease are exactly what Jesus died for (Matthew 8:17)! So, if now or ever your body isn’t lining up with the Word of God, be very careful as to which words you choose to speak. If not, you just might be giving the spirit of sickness a legal right to be there.

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