Men In Women Restrooms = Prayer In Bathrooms!

MEN IN WOMEN RESTROOMS = PRAYER IN BATHROOMS! To the prayer warriors across this country: Every Christian woman who believes in the power of prayer, when entering into a public bathroom, ought to pray OUT LOUD in the name of JESUS CHRIST to thwart every ghastly plan of the enemy. Even if there’s people already in the stalls or washing their hands, that’s okay–don’t be afraid or ashamed. Let us set the atmosphere with the blood of Jesus, that if satan even attempts any of his slimy, cunning tricks, that he’ll go running out with his tail between his legs. Prayer is your GREATEST weapon…because Heaven will fight for you! It’s not being homophobic, is having common sense and protecting women and children. If you think praying in public bathrooms sound crazy…so does grown men in the ladies room with our daughters!  

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