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Is the Coronavirus the End of the World?

Is the Coronavirus the End of the World?

With COVID-19 hijacking the globe, many would beg to ask the question, “Is the Coronavirus the end of the world?” I’d say it’s a pretty fair question.

I’VE ONLY SHARED THIS WITH very few of my friends, but I feel like that should expand:

Last week, as I was riding my bike on a trail with my family, I stopped for a breather and a quick sip of water. Glimpsing at others walking along the trails, I looked up at the sky and pondered in my heart, “Is this the End? Lord, is NOW when you’ll take up Your church (Children of God)?” And before I could even finish my thought, Holy Spirit said to me clear as day, “No, they’re not ready.” I tilted my head and He concluded with this question, “How many people would have been taken up with Me if I had come last month? Now, consider how many people would be taken up with Me if I were to come TODAY.”

It was then that I understood the heart ofHis message. The Word of God passionately expresses that Jesus Christ wishes that NONE should perish (2 Peter 3:9). Therefore, in my heart, I answered, “Last month, not a whole lot. Today? Many more!”

Since the entire world has been turned upside down by the Coronavirus, Bibles are being sold out across the globe! Those who were on the fence about God are now turning to their Christian friends for prayer, guidance, and yes…SALVATION! News anchors are asking ministers to pray for their viewers (on air)! Strangers are stopping people in grocery stores asking how to get back in church and have a closer relationship with God! Hundreds of thousands have given their life to Christ since this pandemic began, and the list goes on.

Every year since 2011, the Lord gives me a dream every New Year as to what will occur that coming year. But this time, it seemed as if He just couldn’t wait for the New Year, because I just kept hearing rather strongly in my spirit the Lord saying for 2020, “I have heard the prayers of my children.” And this went on for three days straight, and all I kept thinking was, “But it’s not New Year’s, yet. This can’t be the message.” Come to find out, it absolutely WAS the message for this year.

God has heard the prayers of His children and He’s waiting for your unsaved children, parents, loved ones and friends, of which you’ve been earnestly praying for. He wants to bring as many people with Him as possible on that great day, not just a few! (You can read more about this in an article I wrote in January called “The Year 2020: The Feeling That Just Won’t Shake”).

The Lord is softening the hearts of the people of this world right now. Evil doesn’t come from God, that’s satan’s territory. This virus is the work of the enemy, but God has allowed this pandemic to happen, I believe because of the widespread acceptance of abominable sins and rebellion throughout the globe. But, He tells us how to put an end to it in “life’s handbook” (2 Chronicles 7:14). The Lord gives us His promise in Psalm 91 that if anyone of His children abides under the SHELTER that He provides, He will protect them, and that offer is available to ANYONE who believes that Jesus is Lord of all and died and rose for the remission of our sins.

Salvation is FREE, and with it comes SO MANY benefits, and one of them is SAFETY. If you haven’t already or feel that you’re not sure you’re truly born again, will you give your life to Him right now? All you have to do is ask Jesus into your heart, admit that you’re a sinner (as we ALL have sinned) and accept Him as your Lord and Savior. When you do, the Bible says that there’s a HUGE celebration in Heaven when one gives their life to Christ, and that would be for you! Start reading your Bible every day, if you don’t have one, there’s an app called “Bible”, turn away from your sins, talk to God daily and find a Bible-based church to attend (possibly online for now).

One day, I believe very soon and, in my lifetime, Jesus WILL remove His children from the earth as there are no more prophecies that need to occur for it to happen and End Time prophecy is unfolding in our daily lives. We must be always ready and occupying until He comes.

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