Mathematician Died and Was Sent to Hell

Mathematician Sent To Hell

What happens after you die? Randall Rathbun was a successful mathematician and computer scientist-engineer when his life changed forever after being sent to Hell after a horrible car accident!

Mathematician Sent To Hell

I was very excited when a man named Randall Rathbun contacted me about his phenomenal story! I had heard only a portion of Randall’s testimony online but was hungry to hear more. His assertion of being sent to hell then getting a glimpse of Heaven was something I genuinely wanted to hear more about; therefore, I invited him for an interview.

In summary, Rathbun was a notable mathematician and computer scientist-engineer when he let go of his steering wheel after obeying a voice inside his head to do so. That very action led him to encounter the very pits of Hell! Rathbun touched on what he saw, smelled, and felt (physically, spiritually, and emotionally) as he was sent to Hell, encountering heartbreaking horrors.

From there, Randall Rathbun was able to (in his words) “sample a taste of Heaven”, but you’ll want to find out how he got there and what he saw! The contrasts of both worlds he described were impeccable!

Rathbun Discusses:

• The “once saved always saved” doctrine

• Whether one spends time with family and friends in hell or not

• The omission of hope in hell

• Becoming one with hell

• Eternal entrapment

• Universities in Heaven

• Food in Heaven

• The love and trust God the Father has for us

• So much more!

This is definitely an interview worth listening to! It’s one I truly enjoyed and I hope you will, too!

If you’d like to reach out to Randall Rathbun, he can be contacted at: randallrathbun@protonmail.com

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  1. Thank you Jennifer. I believe every word Randall said. I want to trust JESUS every second.

  2. Hell seems to be almost a “verboten” topic these days in most mainline churches. Everything is “God loves you and has a wonderful plan for you; just be nice to everyone else in church and you’ll be okay; oh, and don’t beat your wife, commit adultery or any of those other really bad sins.”
    If we do not realize the cost of sin, we will not fear its consequences. Simply look at Jesus when they took His body off the cross: THAT’s what sin will do to us; and hell is to live without any relationship beyond the noise of weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth.

  3. What a beautiful testimony. Thank you very much for sharing. Helps me a lot in my relationship with the Lord.

  4. As a wise and beautiful lady has said, “… we must search the scriptures for the answer. Remember, if it contradicts the Bible, do away with it!”
    Watched your interview and you were great. No doubt Randall sincerely believes he had this experience, and in his mind, he did. Randall was in a state of depression when this experience happened to him. His guilt and his faith came into conflict with each other and, praise God, his faith won out. He will never be the same and his story may help many others to solidify their faith and come to Christ.

    It breaks my heart to say that when applying your axion — “… we must search the scriptures for the answer. Remember, if it contradicts the Bible, do away with it!” — his experience is emotional, but not Scriptural. The Bible is clear that only Jesus has gone to heaven and come back, and He will again.

    You did a great interview. Randall’s story is touching. Something in his testimony for all of us to learn from.
    Truly, God loves us — The Bible says, “The one who does not love does not know God, for God is love . . . God is love, and the one who abides in love abides in God, and God abides in him. 1 John 4:8; 16.

    That’s the key to Randall’s story and to the Bible.

    Thanks, Jennifer.

  5. This guy definitely had an hallucination hell doesn’t exist. Jesus spoke of sending real evil doers to jail. Real evil doers where the rich who stole from the poor. People who killed innocent people are evil doers.

    1. Ann, hell is very real. Even more real than what you are experiencing right now. When you read the four Gospels (Matthew, Mark,Luke and John), you will realize that Jesus preached more about hell than heaven. If there is no hell, Jesus’s death on the cross and resurrection was useless and have no effect. This is indeed a fact. He also preached about the eternal consequence of it and it’s dreadful severity. Jesus even explained how when He would die on the cross He would take a trip to the heart of the earth (hell) like Jonah did. This was done in order for Jesus to take the keys of death back from the devil, which He did. But then he would rise again. Now He has power over death, hell, and the grave because of what He did for you (Ann) on the cross. There’s a lot of detail of the specifics on hell and it’s literal nature in scripture. Ann, I recommend reading a hard copy of the Bible as hardcopies don’t change. If you’d like more discussion on it I would love to chat more with you. Hell is real as well as heaven and I don’t want anyone to end up in hell. The worst thing in life is regret and Jesus wants you forever. The choice is always ours but it is only optional while we’re alive on the surface of this earth. I encourage you to watch the entire video. God bless you, Ann.

      1. Jesus didn’t preach that much on hell. When Jesus mentioned you will be cast in darkness he was talking about people who did evil things like murder innocent people or beat up innocent people. Jesus death was because some political people hated him. Jesus never said anyone goes to hell because they didn’t worship him.

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