Should Christians Watch Horror Movies? Why I Quit For Good

Have you ever questioned whether Christians should watch horror movies or not? Here's the dirty truth.

knowing and believing are two different things

Knowing and Believing Are Two Different Things

Are people taking you seriously based on your walk with God? There's a difference between knowing and believing. Growing up the daughter of two ministers, I've seen a fair share of the "ins-and-outs", personalities and walks of those in ministry within the church. Watching them have made me come to the conclusion that: knowing and…

It Can Be Done - Deep Believer

It Can Be Done

Every once in a blue moon, we all face something that seems to be impossible. But what if I told you it can be done? Moses parted a sea, Joshua made the sun and moon stand still, Gideon conquered a massive army with merely 300 men, and David defeated a giant with a little rock.…