Knowing and Believing Are Two Different Things

knowing and believing are two different things

Are people taking you seriously based on your walk with God? There’s a difference between knowing and believing.

Growing up the daughter of two ministers, I’ve seen a fair share of the “ins-and-outs”, personalities and walks of those in ministry within the church. Watching them have made me come to the conclusion that: knowing and believing are two different things.

There’s a famous saying, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” I believe this to be completely true.

If we don’t care for the poor and/or homeless, help the widow and the orphan, are genuinely kind to strangers, yet have not love for others (1 Cor. 13:1), the message we advocate appears cynical to the world. There’s a difference between knowing and believing–believing is acted out.

We can have theology degrees, memorize the Bible from front to back, preach good sermons, and say all the “right” things, but if the Word of God and the Love of Christ has not trickled down to our heart, it’s just noise.

Knowing and believing are two separate things.

I Saw God Last Night

The Christian life must be walked out and demonstrated, then we will be known by our fruit and taken seriously. Not doing so is equivalent to a person who is overweight telling everyone he’s an Olympic runner. Olympic runners train their bodies every day to stay in shape. That’s how our walk with God is supposed to be, and the result will be evident.

When we genuinely give our life to Jesus, we die to self, and our mind is renewed (Rom. 12:2). We aren’t to think the same nor do the same things before we met Him. Even our talk should be different, knowing and believing we’ve been made new in Christ Jesus.

Years ago, I made up my mind that I was going to believe and trust all of God’s Word, or none of it at all. It’s the only truth that holds water.

Knowing and believing are two different things. Are you a “doer” and not just a hearer? If not, God calls that deception. People see Christ in you when you are genuinely transformed.

If we talk the talk, we’ve got to walk the walk.

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