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The True Story Behind Valentine’s Day


Ever wonder what’s the true story behind Valentine’s Day? Hint: It has nothing to do with chocolates and roses, but something DID occur on February 14th.

St.Valentine was a bishop during 269 A.D., who secretly went against Emperor Claudius II who persecuted Christians.

Claudius banned marriage among the younger generation because he figured it would weaken his military, fearing soldiers would fight better if they didn’t have a wife and children to worry about. But St. Valentine knew it was wrong, so he secretly married couples in the Christian church.

When he was finally caught, he was imprisoned and tortured because he defied the emperor and refused to renounce his faith in Jesus Christ.

During his imprisonment, a prison guard asked Valentine to pray over his blind daughter, and in doing so, she was healed. The two fell in love.

Just before being sentenced to death by beating, stoning and decapitation, his last words written were to his prison guard’s daughter, signing it…”from your Valentine”.

St.Valentine is believed to have been put to death on February 14, 269 A.D.

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