Kanye West Is Doing What Many Christians Are Failing To Do

Kanye West Worships Jesus

KANYE WEST IS GOING TO SAVE more souls for Jesus Christ with his new album than the majority of Western World Christians in their lifetime. He’s doing what many of us are FAILING to do!

Many years back, my friend and I created a Facebook event page inviting people to pray for Kanye West, as it was evident he was spiraling on a downward slope…fast! We believed deeply in our hearts that the Lord was calling Kanye to Him. Yet, the amount of backlash we got [mostly from professing Christians] was utterly mind-blowing! So, now we have this album here produced by West called Jesus Is King, where he PUBLICLY professes his faith in Jesus Christ. I’ve listened to it and I believe it pleases the ears of God.

Going forward, I figured Kanye would have to go through a Paul-like experience in regards to believers questioning the authenticity of his transformation, but what it has also done is expose the hearts of those who say they love Jesus, yet persecute someone who was lost, yet is now FOUND! If all of heaven and angels rejoice over one sinner who repents, are we higher than they to do otherwise? (Luke 15:10)

Kanye West is DOING what many American Christians are afraid to do: PUBLICLY profess Jesus Christ as King! This rapper who once saw himself as king, has humbled himself to the King of Kings! He’s risking it all for Jesus, yet, so many of us are afraid of being called names and all types of “PHOBES”. We’re afraid of having our names dragged through the mud, being called intolerant, being unfriended, unliked, looking “uncool” or being called Jesus Freaks. But didn’t Jesus say ALL of this comes with the territory (Matthew 24)?! IT’S IN THE JOB DESCRIPTION! Didn’t Jesus say that the world will hate you because you follow Him (John 15:18)? We fear man more than we fear God when it should be the other way around. But didn’t Jesus specially instruct us not to fear man who can destroy the body but rather God who has the power to destroy the body AND soul in hell (Matthew 10:28)? We’re afraid of breaking ties with the world, so therefore, we turn our backs on the Lord, re-adopting the mindset and behavior of the world to the point of where we’re considered a JOKE because we seem and appear as NO DIFFERENT! “He who is without sin, cast the first stone” was originated by Jesus Christ, Himself, and He was talking to the religious folks!

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