Satan’s Plan For Our Future Can Be Foiled

Satan's Plan For Our Future Can Be Foiled

With all of the prophecies of destruction going around, is satan’s plan inevitable? Is there anything we can do to change the hands of time?

There’s been many prophecies floating around for the past couple of months regarding the last few months of 2020. Some have been frightening while others are somewhat mediocre. But there’s one thing we all must remember: satan’s plans are being exposed.

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Although satan’s plans are being exposed, don’t forget that God has His plans, as well. As a matter of fact, God’s plans were already set in place before the world began. Therefore, all the enemy’s plans are, are just “interruptions”. So, count it joy that the Lord is showing us the enemy’s hand.

The only way these “interruptions” could possibly come to fruition, is if the children of God cease to pray and seek His face. When the Lord’s hand is on something, protection is prominent. But when sin runs rampant, is glorified and accepted, He gradually lifts His hand, allowing room for satan’s tactics.

Satan can do nothing without using people. Remember that. He used King Saul to conjure up many plans to kill David (1 Samuel 19), but they were foiled because God’s hand was on David’s life. The enemy used Haman to doctor up a plan to kill Mordecai and all Jews, but again, that came to nothing, because of God’s hand of protection (Esther 5:9;5:14).

Satan’s plans are not inevitable! God’s purpose for our land is to prosper and protect us. (Jer. 29:11-14)

Here’s what happens when enemies of the One True God attack His children—the attack is reversed back to them! Saul was dishonorably killed in battle, and Haman was impaled on the same stake he had installed for Mordecai.

How To Foil Satan’s Plans

Satan’s plan can be foiled and God’s plan prevailed, as long as we’re protected. That protection comes with:

  1. Daily repentance
  2. Taking God literally at His Word
  3. Fully relying on God (rather than the security of mankind)
  4. Covering our families, cities, and country in prayer
  5. Regaining the fear of the Lord

We want Jesus’ hand on our land and on our lives. When His hand is rested on us, there isn’t room for anything to get through. We have the hand of protection on us.

I Saw God Last Night

What we’re hearing is the exposure of satan’s plans so we’ll know how to pray against it. He hates being exposed because his blueprints are released to the world! Again, I say, rejoice that the Lord is showing us the playbook of the adversary.

The frightening prophecies we’ve been hearing may very well be authentic, but it’s not something God wants. It is neither something that has to occur if we pray against it. Prayer and repentance changed the immediate destruction of Nineveh (Jonah 3:6). God’s plan is to prosper us, not harm us, but we must do our part. We can change the hands of time.

As God’s plans aren’t our plans, satan’s plans aren’t God’s plans. What will you do?

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  1. The is true God really want to prosper us, it only sin that separates us from our blessings. I like the points you gave on how to foil Satan’s plans. Chiefly our daily repentance will stop the enemy from getting into our lives. Our prayers can be effective to change and shape any situation we see or face.

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