They’re Gonna Miss Us When We’re Gone

This morning, I spoke with one of my dear friends, and she expressed to me the friction she felt within herself when her job asked her to tell them about her main hobby.  Being a good, Christian woman, she didn’t want to lie because she loved her hobby, but then again, she was nervous about the response or action she would receive in return.  As innocent as it may seem, her hobby was talking about the love of her life, “Jesus Christ“.  It’s what she loves to do, and I know the Lord loves it as well.  

I Saw God Last Night

It’s a sad day in the world when something as minuscule as this concerns us.  Anyway, at the end of the day, my friend chose to do the right thing and share her hobby.

The reason why I titled this post, They’re Gonna Miss Us When We’re Gone, is because, if those who don’t know the Lord only knew that it’s the prayers of the true Christians (children of God) that are keeping us safe, they would consider doing an “about-face”.  We pray to the God Who answers by fire (1 Kings 18:24).

When we pray to our God (Jesus), we see results.  He hears the prayers of His children. But the day we’re taken up from this earth…when the prayers of the church are no longer dispersed, and the Holy Spirit will cease to dwell here…those who are left behind will wish and pray that we were still here to intercede for them. Those who live in sin and reject the Gospel will, unfortunately, get the revelation of a lifetime.

It’s interesting, we’ve heard about the persecution of Christians around the world, yet, it seemed as if the United States had been boarder-lined exempt…until now. No, we aren’t experiencing mass beheadings, daily bombings or multiple church larcenies, but we’re at a current point in time when, if we profess our bold faith in Christ Jesus, and stand on His Word, we are then let go from our positions, have our names slandered, are called the most awful of names, and etc. We are attacked if we don’t support sinful lifestyles, yet they call us intolerant.

The time is short. Any day now, the Lord Jesus will part the sky and make way for His bride. We must get as many souls on board as we can, continuing to spread the Good News around the world, possibly suffering persecution (which only lasts for a little while).  For, in the end, is our reward! Today is the day of salvation (2 Corinthians 6:2).

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