What On Earth Did We Do In That Theater?

What On Earth Did We Do In That Theater?

A decade ago, a friend and I did something in the theater that shook “something” up! We had no clue what would happen next!

IN 2000, A FAMILY FRIEND named Marcy and I went to the movie theater to see a film about a sinking, submarine warship. Toward the end of the movie, not cognitive of whether the story was fictional or not, the sinking ship began to miraculously arise!

With that, Marcy and I loudly began worshiping Jesus right there within the movie theater! (Yes, we were that into it.) We were waving our arms and praising God because we knew He was capable of doing such miracles.

That day, we left the theater fired up for the Lord! Two days later, Marcy called me on the phone and told me that I wouldn’t believe what she was about to say. She went on to convey that, “we must have brought down Heaven and shaken up Hell” the other day in the theater, because the word was getting around that there were reports of a young man in the exact same theater room the day after, standing in the middle of the room reading the Bible upside down! (Reading the Bible upside down is a ritual that satanists perform in order to perform “demonic healing”.)

You see, when we sincerely worship the Lord from the depths of our heart and soul with pure adoration, Heaven can’t help but open up and manifest. When we worshiped the Lord in the theater that day, I don’t know what happened afterward in the spiritual realm, but we did something so great that the devil felt as if he needed to do what he felt was “damage control”!

Let’s bring down Heaven and shake up Hell every day of our lives, and let the devil know he’s a weak contender against the children of God!

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