We Didn’t Know the Hotel Was Haunted

We didn't know the hotel was haunted

While visiting a famous hotel, we had no idea it was haunted until we were inside. This taught our children the reality of spiritual warfare.

MY CHILDREN LEARNED ABOUT SPIRITUAL WARFARE: This weekend, my children have seen for themselves the battle of the spiritual realm:

Over the weekend, my family and I took a day trip to see the hotel where our kids’ favorite comedy movie was filmed. They were so excited! From the main road, as the landmark sat there on a hill, finally setting our eyes on it from afar off became even more thrilling!

When we arrived, our girls wanted to see all of the rooms where the movie had been filmed, but first, we had to enter through the base of the building for a tour. When we stepped inside, the first thing we noticed weren’t pictures of the kids’ favorite movie posted to the walls (as depicted on YouTube), but rather, another film!

I Saw God Last Night

As we trailed our way inside, we saw a room with artifacts from one of America’s most well-known horror movies showcased on display. Walking further down the hallway, we finally noticed pictures and signatures here and there of our daughters’ favorite movie. But they were sort of swallowed by this other movie, this…horror film.

My husband and I did a quick, little digging and observed that the horror movie wasn’t actually filmed here, but rather was an inspiration to the writer of it.

Then it clicked! If this hotel was an inspiration to one of the world’s most familiar horror authors, then this place must be haunted.

So, we went to the tour desk to ask if this was true and she confirmed. (Thank God the tour was sold out).

After that, our family just wanted to see the famous staircase from the kids’ favorite movie upstairs, then make like a banana a split! On the way up, I began to quietly pray over the hotel.

When we reached the main lobby, our youngest daughter notified me, “Mom, there’s this creepy guy in the doorway behind the counter watching us.” Lo and behold, she was correct! With all of the other people from every nation imaginable surrounding us in the busy lobby, this guy’s eyes were extremely dark, brows pushed downward and locked solely on us as if saying, “Why are you here? Get out!”.

He had an evil within his eyes that I haven’t seen in a very long time. When I stared back, he didn’t break the stare (and neither did I). I began to quietly, yet, authoritatively utter the words, “the blood of Jesus” repetitively.

When we left by that area, he left as well, but when we returned to the vantage point of the reception desk to leave, he eerily slid back into the side doorway, locking his eyes on us, yet again. I KNEW WHAT WE WERE DEALING WITH.

Since my daughter experienced it, I had to explain the truth: What was inside of him, didn’t like Who was with us (Jesus). What was inside of this man (an evil spirit) did not want us there because what was with us, was more powerful than what was with him! I was quick and ready (if need be) to do some rebuking!

There wasn’t an ounce of fear in my bones, and I encouraged my daughter not to have fear either, as she has the power of the Resurrected Christ living inside of her. I also encouraged her also to NEVER be hesitant of using the name of Jesus, as it holds power!

It was a very quick visit and we left with no plans of returning.

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  1. Wow, places can be inhabited by good or evil spirits. I take joy in the fact that you said there was no “fear in” your bones. Praise be to God for you standing in the gap and showing it to your daughters. They need that, and will benefit from it now and in the future. It also brings inspiration to the rest of us believers that the Word still stands and still works!

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