The Effective Weapon

Effective Weapon

There is an effective weapon that you have against the enemy in which you may not be strategically utilizing.

Before the devil defeats you, he has to disarm you (just as he disarmed Eve in the garden by causing her to question God)(Genesis 3:1). IN THE SPIRITUAL REALM, USING SCRIPTURE AGAINST SATAN IS NUCLEAR (Hebrews 4)! This is the reason why the only offensive weapon we’re given when putting on the Whole Armor of God is…the Word! The rest are defense (Ephesians 6:10-20).

I challenge you to take this to heart, act on it, and I’d love to hear your results!

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  1. Such amazing points! I put them into play about four years ago and went from a suicidal nothing to a child of the One True King! Praise the Name of the Lord!

    1. Amazing, Stacy! The devil couldn’t have you. I’m so glad that you were wise enough to use the full armor of God and giving your life to Jesus Christ. He has so much in store for you! <3

  2. Indeed! And this is a sword that is double edged, bleeding us into salvation. (Heb 4 v12)

    This scripture….the power to demolish strongholds, to take enemies captive, to free the broken-hearted. Maybe you start off by reading it – but do that long enough and you find it is the scripture that reads you.

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