My Thoughts On Why America Is In Its Current Situation

My Thoughts On Why America Is In Its Current Situation

This post is unlike my other articles. Here are my personal thoughts on why America’s in its current situation:

If churches hadn’t stopped preaching hell, fire, and brimstone, America wouldn‘t be so screwed up right now.

The raw truth puts the fear of God in people! How many of us can truly count on one hand the number of people they know who they believe possess the fear of God? When was the last time you heard someone say they weren’t going to do something because they didn’t want to go to hell? Or how about this one, “I want to do what pleases the Lord”. Conviction is at an all-time low (in the church and the world).

Our ears have been tickled with lollipop and gumdrop teachings to the point where we think and unconsciously view Jesus as a “pushover, hippie genie”!

Read the Book of John and you will find that Jesus was INTOLERANT of ALL sin, EXTREMELY direct, sugarcoated NOTHING, and still was pure love and showed compassion. Did you know that Jesus’ heart races every time He looks at you? He’s madly in love with you.

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The reason why He preached more about Hell than Heaven, is because He doesn’t want to lose us and desperately doesn’t want us to go there. He preached warnings for safety! It breaks His heart every time a soul is eternally lost. It’s unfathomable to imagine a life forever without God, lacking EVERYTHING, being void of all that is good. Friends, family, companionship, laughter, hope, rest, and even food are all nonexistent in the abyss.

We all hear the question so many typically ask, “Why would a loving God send someone to hell?” Yet, the truth is, people send themselves there. If you see someone walking toward a cliff and you yell to them, “Wrong way! There’s a cliff! You’re going to fall off and die if you don’t go the other way!” But the foolish person responds with either, “I’ll take my chances”, “I don’t believe you”, or “all roads lead to safety”, then that person who was warned ends up falling off the cliff and dying, who sent them there? THEY DID!

All things good come from God and Him alone. You can know the entire Bible by heart and still end up in H-E-double-hockey-sticks. Now is the absolute WORST time to be uncertain about where you’ll go if you die. Death does not discriminate against age, race, gender, nationality, or religion. You won’t just cease to exist. You’ll exist somewhere forever, but the question is, “Where?”

There’s one of two places to choose from—Heaven or Hell. Heaven will give you a forever warm reception, while in hell, you’d be an eternal unwelcomed guest.

I’ve had four near-death experiences and the first time I was NOT ready and truly uncertain if I’d see Jesus face to face. Oh, and guess what, I was a Christian! By God’s grace, He rescued me every time!

You see, some may have said a prayer at the altar once and thought they were heaven-bound, but if there hasn’t been a TRUE, genuine transformation of your life, thoughts, and speech, then it’d be wise to do a self-examination of the heart, because that’s where it starts. When Jesus enters your heart, there’s an evident transformation and your surroundings will know it. You can’t fool God.

The reason why America is in the state that it’s in today is because of the failure of the church. The church is what leads by example. Things can turn around for the good, but it starts with the church, first.

If you want to be like Jesus, then you’ve got to teach like Jesus!

Hell is the default. Heaven is your CHOICE. Jesus is the WAY! If you haven’t already, receive or rededicate your life to Him today. He’s the ONLY God Who thought you were worth dying for…and ACTUALLY DID! That’s love.

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  1. “Hell is the default. Heaven is your CHOICE.” Hit the nail on the head. Without Jesus, we are already on a trajectory to hell. And if we realize just what it will be like for the lost, we will NOT say, Well, they got what THEY deserved. Like your heart and Habakkuk’s we will cry, O LORD, in wrath remember mercy!
    Hell is for those who absolutely will not accept any other mercy from Father. So He binds them up in outer darkness so they cannot go on hurting others; a “final mercy” if you will.
    Even in Revelation 16 as people experience Father’s judgments, we are told they still refused to repent, meaning that IF they WOULD, Father would STILL forgive and welcome them into His Kingdom.
    When there is no light, there is darkness. Where there is no life, there is death. The absence of the Presence of God is hell, and sadly, many are already there. See about a man I met who was in hell even while on earth.

  2. Great post. The church has been giving out watered down messages because it’s uncomfortable to do otherwise. The church has been more interested in getting people in the door than changing lives. Culture has infiltrated the church as opposed to the church infiltrating culture.

  3. I grew up in church with Hell, Fire, and Brimstone. I was able to live through my teenage years with Hell as the backdrop to everything I could and far to often did the wrong thing. I then started learning about God’s Grace and how it is not up to me but He provides and loves me through all the wrongs. I believe both of these thoughts to be true. God loves the broken and He is so patient with us. At the same time we have, at Salvation, given our lives to Him. He is now first in our life! So, how do we mix the two (law and grace) together?

    I completely agree with you, that the church is letting down the children of God in a big way. Teaching things that people want to hear, “you can live your life, just pray and mention God from time to time.” It is time for us to get back to teaching, a deep relationship with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. But, for many of us learning the details of relationship, commitment, and putting someone else ahead of our own selfish desire will require a reset of training.

    Let’s get back to the Bible being a book of God’s love for His creation. The whole book, not just the New Testament, not single verses, single chapters, or single books, the entire book from Genesis to Revelation. Back to the basic’s, God loves us, so let’s surrender to Him. He only wants what is best, live with Heaven as the backdrop, with hope instead of fear.

    1. I as well grew up in the same. The issue is that hell, fire, and brimstone teaching is nonexistent in the church. There seems to be an alarming lack of balance in the church, as all congregants here is, “Jesus is love” which is absolutely true, but that’s all they know. This is why I mentioned how people in the US really see Jesus as a “pushover, hippie, genie”. There needs to be a balance of both the love of God and the truth of hell, fire, and brimstone. Both are accurate, but neither can be neglected. Thanks for your reply!

  4. I agree with your article, and the role the Church has played in it. Plus the Church today is more like many parents of today: it tries to bring friendship to those in its care as oppose to bringing them the truth they need regardless of who cares. Leaders and parents are not here to first make friends with their members or their children. Jesus once told Peter the rock to get thee behind me Satan, and not thank you so kindly for caring about my future my precious one.

  5. So very true – many, many would rather be comfortably heading down the broad and easy road to hell, than face the challenge of the arduous climb of the road to salvation. So when I see what is happening these days, I see the thread of blessing in the cord of trouble, that discomfort may serve to wake some up.

    People have a problem with hell, I think sometimes because they only have a very tenuous grasp of reality (and I do not mean physical reality) and do not see their state. They love little, because they think they have been forgiven little. Only once they see how much they have been forgiven, will they learn to love. I speak to myself also.

    Maybe the best response to those who question hell is to ask them to explain heaven. I think until you understand the latter, the former makes no sense.

    1. Royal Dainties, what a GREAT question! Jesus made it very clear for us in the Bible how to enter into Heaven, and it’s simple. If you ask Jesus to be Lord over your life, confess with your mouth and believe in your heart that Jesus died for your sins (as we’re ALL born in sin), arose from the dead three days later, and is soon to come again, you will be saved. “Saved from what?”, many ask. Saved from Hell and destined for Heaven. When you genuinely do this, the Bible says the Lord will renew your mind, transforming it. This is why true, genuine Christians often behave differently than those who aren’t, have an impact on others, and are noticeably distinct. Heaven can’t be earned, as we have to become sons and daughters of God. The Bible describes it as being adopted in the faith, or the Family of God. I’d recommend you read the entire Book of John and let it all soak in. If you have more questions, I’d love to help answer them. Feel free to email me at

  6. my problem is not God
    but how bad people use his name to justify theirs crimes
    and say it was the will of God
    so they make God pass for a monster like them 🙁

    1. I agree wholeheartedly with you, Gerdesilets. They’ll have to answer to the Lord for that on Judgement Day, which is VERY real, yet very terrifying for those Who use His name as a mockery.

  7. What else can be said but amen. May the church of Jesus Christ experience a revival of righteousness and once again shine his light in a dark world. God bless.
    Thank you for choosing to follow my blog. I pray it encourages you in your walk with the Lord.

  8. There’s only two sides. So hard for people to understand. We don’t need to live dreary lives as followers of Jesus! Serving Him is exciting, if one is willing to get to know God daily and follow Him. That makes us the best leaders. May God continue to inspire you !

  9. Great post!😇 My husband and I have been discussing the lack of “truth” in preaching for many months.

    People want to hear tickling ear preaching. These false teachers preaching false messages are leading people straight to hell.

    Many people of today enjoy sin and think in their minds that changing laws make it ok! Wrong God’s commandments override the worlds.

    Great truth you penned! We need to get back to preaching the fundamentals of Christianity.😇👣

  10. Great article! I have two books to suggest to you. First; 12 Minutes in Hell by Bill Wiese. God took him to hell to show him it’s real. After also showing him heaven, He told Bill that people have forgotten about hell. They need both Gospel and warning. Second: Already Gone by Ken Ham. He commissioned a study as to why kids leave the church. Bottom line – just like your article – the message has gotten too weak. God’s Word is not preached boldly, so they leave their lukewarm pews.

      1. One other book you might find fascinating is The Exodus Case by Dr. Lennart Moller. I did a series on it starting 6/27/18. Moller is a Christian and research scientist who applied his scientific skills to finding evidence of The Exodus.

  11. Thank you for taking the time to check my blog.

    I am glad you shared this insightful page with me. Looking forward to learning more from you. Cheers

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