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God Doesn’t Make Junk

God Doesn't Make Junk

Who told you God makes junk? Junk is another word for garbage. The word garbage is defined as: a thing that is considered worthless or meaningless. According to research, if you were to tally up the organs, bone marrow and DNA of the human body, it alone is worth at least 45 million dollars. That’s just by existence, alone! If you were to include the life of a human being, well, we all know the answer to this—it would be priceless. God doesn’t make junk.

Around the spring of 2017, my family and I had the great opportunity of visiting the The Ark Experience, but that’s for another article). We explored the history of the earth and creation itself, which I assumed to do so, anyway. But to be quite frank, I had absolutely no clue that by skimming through artifacts and fossils, I’d encounter the heart of God! Seriously!

There was a room in the museum that was full of dead insects with all different kinds and species. My fascination shocked me, as I am definitely not a fan of…bugs. But there was, for instance, a particular type of bug that was protected behind glass which was absolutely beautiful—stunningly strange to say! Not in a “pretty” context, but in a “Who’d ever think of making THAT?!” kind of beauty. I’d never seen it before, but from this one bug were many others that looked just like it, yet a tad bit different—a different color, a longer horn, shorter legs, wider shell, a bit more metallic looking, etc. And behind this case were so many of the same species, yet each one…unique. All I remember thinking when looking up from the insects was, “Wow! God sure had fun creating this world! He put so much thought into…each…one.”

I got all of that from a “bug room”…come on! Now just think about yourself and how much more valuable you are than insects and animals (Matthew 10:31). You know the famous phrase, “He saved the best for last?” Well, He actually did! Genesis 1:26-31 expresses how after making everything else, God made something extremely precious and dear to His heart, He created human life. And this human life was made in His own image and likeness. Also, in doing so, the Lord formed an additional human life from the flesh of that flesh (woman) and gave them both the very first commandment: which was to be fruitful and multiply. In other words, make more of you…population the earth.

Now if God put so much thought in making bugs, think of how much more thought and heart He must have put into making someone who He formed in His very own image. That’s you!

Since God made you mirror Him: soul, body, and spirit, it’d be worth the wild to reconsider your worth if you haven’t done so already.

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