God Gave Me An Eye-Opening Dream About Healing

A Profound Dream About the Source Healing

Years ago, I was given a profound dream about the source of healing, and I thought it appropriate to share with you.

As I was just reading over a dream I had written down on December 1, 2011, I was pleasantly taken aback by its interpretation.

The Dream

Dec 2011 Dream

In this dream, “I was standing at a bus stop with a high school classmate named Mickey who had cancer. He said to me, “I hate cancer”, then got onto a bus that was full of people with all different types of illnesses. As the bus tried to depart, there was a white sheet under its wheels, preventing it from driving onward. I tried to help them by moving the sheet, but it wouldn’t budge.”‘ That was the end of the dream.

It doesn’t sound like much, right? Keep reading.

The Meaning

With every dream, I always seek confirmation from the Lord to know whether it’s from Him or not. So I skimmed through a few resources to see if I ever had a classmate named Mickey—I didn’t.

Therefore, I looked up the definition of the name (random names and numbers in dreams are often significant), and found out that the origin of the name Mickey is Hebrew!

Okay, there was my confirmation it was from God! Not only was it Hebrew, but the name means “who is like God?”.

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Then, all of a sudden, a swelling of revelation poured all over me! This person Mickey had an illness, got onto a bus with other people who also had illnesses, but the white sheet was preventing it from proceeding.

Knowing that white objects in dreams symbolize cleansing, rebirth, without blemish, and victory, I knew that the sheet represented the Holy Spirit halting the bus from going to its next destination. The moment “who is like God?” [Mickey] set foot on that bus, the buck stopped there! The Holy Spirit would not let them leave until they knew that He is the Healer!

Whatever illnesses you or anyone may face, are they bigger than God? Not by a longshot!

Remember, “Who is like God?” He is the Healer and by His stripes…you ARE healed! (Psalm 113:5-6 & Isaiah 53:5)

Who is like the Lord our God,
the One who sits enthroned on high,
Who stoops down to look
on the heavens and the earth?

Psalm 113:5-6

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