Merry Christmas: Born to Die

Born to Die
Born to Die

You and I were born for many reasons, but only One was born to die.

There have only been three TV shows or movies that made me fall in love with Jesus all over again, and they were, “Passion of the Christ”, “The Bible Series”, and “The Chosen”. But none compare to the Book of John, which steals my heart every time. Although, I can’t help to stop realizing that Jesus was born to die.

Born to Die
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Yes, we watch our favorite Christmas movies and shows around the holiday season, put out our nativity displays, and sing our carols, but did you know that Jesus Christ was the only One Who has ever been born to die?

Sure, many are born then die soon after without unfortunately fulfilling their God-given purpose, but no one was born for the sole purpose of dying. Not one, except for The One: Jesus Christ.

Since the beginning of the Fall of Man, God’s heart broke for the sins of the world. But Jesus volunteered to come into this crazy world, to be born to die during the time of the most horrific form of execution (at the time), crucifixion.

Jesus’ birth changed the world, as it would never be the same again. He worked wonders never done before, using His own power. He was untouchable until He permitted Himself to be (only once).

The greatest love story is the one of Jesus Christ. No one could ever love you the way He loves you. Never forget, Jesus Christ loves you so much that He was born for the sole purpose to die, to save your soul…your very existence!

He was born with you on His mind. He died with you on His mind. He arose with you on His mind, and He’s coming back…with you on His Mind!

Merry CHRISTmas!

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  1. “Born to die.” “A man of sorrows.” “Jesus wept.” VERY different from The Laughing Jesus, a portrait once painted by a liberal Christian and featured in Playboy. Yes, Jesus probably joked with His disciples and laughed, especially with children. It’s hard to picture kids being enamored of and sitting on the lap of the “Jesus” portrayed as the somber savior in most of the movies.
    But get a grip on Scripture, and it never says “Jesus laughed.” He had a bigger purpose than making life fun and pleasurable. He had a Bride to prepare for His soon-coming wedding; serious work.
    There is nothing wrong with laughter; it is a vital reflection of joy which Jesus brings to our lives, but it is not the flippant giggles of making fun of people or light of situations that call us to live in His light. love and prayers, c.a.

  2. Jennifer, thanks for leaving me a like on my Cyrus/Trump post. I have read a couple of your powerful posts.
    I have never written anything like this before but I feel so excited/heavy for you. It is easy to know why I am excited. You are beautiful, gifted, filled with the Spirit, and bold. Why heavy? Because I have seen how the enemy longs to “put you on the sideline” and “take away your weapons.” So few people can maintain their humble beginnings when God has raised them up. I’m 86 years old, dear one. I’ve seen it so many times. You will rise. Continue knowing it is for God’s glory. Don’t fall for taking His Glory for your own. In the fear of God, I am writing this through my tears. Remain His Humble Servant. I have marked your follow so I can stay in touch. I will pray for you each time I receive a post. And I will pray that God’s messages through you touch the heart of the reader.

    1. Oneta, thank you so much! What you’ve written to me is beyond beautiful and heartwarming. I am a very extroverted and “one-the-go” type of person, so when I asked the Lord what He wanted me to do for Him, He said “write”! He’s taken me out of my comfort zone for sure. To sit in front of a computers for hours on end writing, sometimes takes a lot for me, but my fear is being outside the will of God. He is faithful to those who genuinely love and obey Him. Oneta, I sincerely value your words of wisdom and will utilize them. 86 years young…wow! You are a blessed woman of God, indeed. It’s replies like yours that helps keep me writing. God bless you, Oneta <3

  3. Jennifer, do these comments go to be moderated before appearing here. I wrote a message – through tears an spirit – the other day. Did you receive it? Do you make your email address available? I see you have been visiting at my place. Thank you. I have read several of your posts. I agree with all of them. You are writing truth in a way that I haven’t seen for fifty years.

    1. Hi Oneta, I aplogize for the delay. I usually check messages a few days out the the week, and with this being Christmas week, my schedule has been a bit off. Yes, I’ve received your messages and they are the most beautiful and heartwarming. Wow! 50 years?! That makes me realize the church has a LOT of work to do!

  4. What do you think about this theory that I have. As you have been reading my posts, I see that we are God’s Bride. He is in heaven and we (the physical) are His Bride. We are being perfected (holy) so that we can stand at His right-hand side. As God is I AM, there is no time, there is only time for us. We need time to learn who we really are – His Bride. At our right-hand side in heaven is Jesus. Jesus is at God’s right-hand side because we are all One. Jesus is actually our son…

    1. Thanks for your question, Shannon. The Word of God says that Jesus is God, Lord, Creator and to be worshipped. Jesus is the Son of God, and we answer and humble ourselves to Him. We have absolutely no authority over Him whatsoever. No, Jesus is not our Son, but those who are born again are His children. There’s a diabolical spirit going around attempting to lesson the existence and authority of Jesus Christ. It is a trap toward the mind to devour the soul. We will ALWAYS be His subordinate, as Jesus is One with the Father and Holy Spirit. I encourage you to read Revelation 22, John 1 and the entire book of Hebrews to better understand the Sovereignty and Lordship of Jesus Christ. I was taught a lot of things about the Bible growing up, but when I took time to read it for myself and allow Holy Spirit to interpret it, everything made so much sense.

  5. Thank you for your post and insight. Never seen Jesus’ birth in that way before – born to die!
    What a wonderful God we serve. What a wonderful love he showers upon us.
    Congratulations on the publication of your book and thank you for following my blog.

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