The Purge of 2020

The Purge of 2020

The world is experiencing the Purge of 2020 and (surprise, surprise) it may not be a bad thing.

Ahhh…what a year 2020 has been so far! Some call it the Twilight Zone, others call it the Matrix, but I call it the Purge of 2020.  We’re only halfway through the year as I write this; therefore, we have the other half to get it right. (You’ll understand what I mean by that, keep reading.)

Just within the past six months, here is a list of only a few plague-like scenarios that’s taken the world by storm:

  • Australia was on fire
  • Coronavirus swamped the globe
  • Locust plagued Africa, Asia and the Middle East
  • “Murder Hornets” entered the USA
  • Deadly Turkey Earthquake
  • Worldwide riots
  • Race wars
  • Global face masks
  • Dow plunged 2,997 points
  • The Earth shut down

A preacher recently noted that the only other time the entire world shut down was during the Great Flood! According to well-documented, biblical records, that was 4,367 years ago!

The fact that there are literal witches going about attempting to cast spells on the US, the US President, and the world, speaks volumes as to where we are on the timeline of God.  Note: Incantations are very effective and shouldn’t be taken lightly if you’re not born-again in Christ Jesus.  Yet, if you are in fact and true, born-again child of God, they are of no effect and are many times flung back to the oppressor.

PURGE: to rid of whatever is impure or undesirable; cleanse; purify. 

We are in a Purge of 2020.

I believe one of the reasons why the Lord is allowing (not causing) these things to happen is because he is purging us of everything sour within us, whether we are aware or unaware of it. 

Lately, I’ve been seeing people on social media say things that I would have never thought would come out of them. Unfortunately, I’ve now been somewhat forced to seem them in an unflattering light. I’m almost certain you’ve experienced the same.

Just think about it, what emotions came out of you during any one of the listed plague-like scenarios above? Uncontrolled anger, hate, pride, fear, greed, drunkenness, verbally abusive or abusive behavior, impure thoughts, etc?  I’m sure we all could name a whole lot more than that, but all of which are actually not from God and things we need to rid ourselves of.  Many of which God warns that if we have those things inside of us, we’d be void of inheriting the Kingdom of God (1 Cor. 6:9-10).

Before we take communion, God commands us to examine our hearts because if we continue on with the wrong spirit inside of us, it would bring about our own judgment. As a matter of fact, I remember when I was younger how, just prior to receiving communion the entire congregation of the church would recite, “Search me oh God, and know my heart! Try me and know my thoughts. And see if there is any wicked way in me and lead me in the way everlasting.” That’s not just a pre-communion prayer, it’s an everyday prayer!

I believe God is doing a massive, global purge right now, the Purge of 2020.  He is a merciful and gracious God, and will only allow wickedness to progress for so long.  The world has lost the fear of God (Revelation 11:18), the sanctity of marriage, and the value of human life—all of which keeps the world in good standing with God.

Right now, my mind goes to Revelation 2-3 where Jesus, in all His majesty, calls out the seven churches, exposing everything they’re doing wrong–in their hearts and outwardly.  He even goes as far as to tell the church of Laodicea that they’re so lukewarm and wishy-washy that He’d spit them out of His mouth!  Sounds harsh? Well, not really when we look at the fact that this particular church poorly represents Christ and haven’t stopped loving the world and its ways. Only two churches were found worthy in God’s eyes.  What is God doing here?  He’s purging them!

The Bible says the Lord corrects those He loves, just as a father corrects a child in whom he delights (Prov. 3:12).  This is the same for the Seven Churches, which I am of the opinion, is also directed toward the church today, especially now. The Purge of 2020.

If God calls us out on something, exposing that which we haven’t let go of, we are to kill our pride and dispose ourselves of it (kill two birds with one stone).  There are many strongholds that we can’t let go on our own and we’ll have to take recognition of that fact; once we do, give it to Jesus to handle, as the battle will no longer be ours, but the Lord’s.

On another note, please don’t allow anyone to take your crown.  No matter what anyone has done to you, whether you feel as if you should be angry or not, don’t allow yourself to be found at fault with the Lord.  It’s not worth it. It’s especially not worth losing your soul over! (Matt. 10:28) Forgiveness is the best medicine.  Let God purge you.  Receive it with open arms—that you will rid yourself of that which breaks His heart.

Our heart is to hurt for what hurts God’s.  Are you there yet?  If not, make that your goal today.  Jesus Christ loved you before you could have ever first loved Him.  Ask yourself, “Is my heart, thoughts, words, and actions reflecting my Father in heaven, or the adversary satan?”

Even though these are very trying and difficult times, the Lord has a perfect track record of taking care of His children and making sure our needs are well met; therefore, thank Him for the Purge of 2020!  He’s preparing us to stand faultless before Him on that Great Day. Through it all, God is loosing what would have kept us bound.

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